3 Effective Channels for Recruiting Top Talent

3 Effective Channels for Recruiting Top Talent

3 Effective Channels for Recruiting Top Talent

Attracting the right talent for your organization is crucial for business success. Research reveals that only 12% of employees believe their organization does an excellent job of recruiting new employees. This can be quite a challenging task for recruiters, however, that doesn't need to be your story. Below are a few recruiting tips to assist you;

  1. Make use of your organization's website

A company’s website can play a vital role in talent recruitment. You can start by having a link or button that redirects your online audience to your vacancies and available opportunities, then create a section where interested persons can leave their contact information and other relevant information. It’ll be helpful to also allow room for specific details such as their phone numbers, fax and a lot more.

Also, try to advertise your current vacancies on your website without communicating the unavailability of positions at particular points in time. When you do so, you leave little room to miss out on valuable talents that can become significant assets to your company. Your site can also be a platform to speak about measures put in place by the company concerning salaries, career growth, and the job atmosphere. That way, you’ll catch the eye of all your potential employees, and you wouldn't even have to pay for marketing.

  1. Contact recruitment agencies 

It’s advisable to try out recruitment agencies when you have no internal HR or when the position has remained vacant for an extended period. Even when you have an HR team, it’s better to employ recruitment agencies' services when you have limited time to hire for the position. Some recruitment agencies will require you to pay them only after they’ve successfully helped you make a hire; these are known as contingency firms.

On the other hand, retained firms work on a contract basis and need to be paid whether or not hires are made. When you choose the right recruiting agency, you’re assured of smooth and excellent engagements. However, since it may be difficult to find a recruiting agency that delivers up to your standard, be sure to find out the needed information before making a decision. Try to know how collaborative they are and their placements' success. 

Additionally, find out how long the agency has been running and the type of clients they represent. It’s essential to find these out because some recruiting agencies are specialized. For example, TRS Staffing is an agency that provides quality recruiting solutions for oil and gas companies.

  1. Utilize internet job boards

Many unemployed people and even employed ones are more than willing to take advantage of new opportunities they find on internet job boards. Why not look for a job board website where you can attractively post your vacancies, so that you gain your preferred audience’s attention? 

As a plus, give interested people the option to upload their work history and qualifications to ease the entire process for both you and prospects. You can also consider having an extra forum where candidates and other visitors can ask questions, receive clarification and build relationships. 
Even though there are a wide variety of channels available for recruiting, try to take the time to study and possibly try out some channels to know which works best for you. After concluding, you can focus your energy and resources on your preferred channels for effective results.


Friddy Hoegener


19 February 2021

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