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We are more than Headhunters. We are Supply Chain Professionals turned recruiters. We are dedicated to providing you with a holistic recruiting process that is custom tailored to your individual and organizational needs and requirements.

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Our Methodology

We believe that employee engagement and retention start with the hiring process.

We take the time to listen and understand the challenges you face and develop custom search strategies that match your opportunities with the best talent for your requirements in the industry. 

As we work together to find you the perfect candidate, we continue to align our processes with your requirements and expectations to ensure the success of every search.

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SCOPE Recruiting Headhunters

Intake Call

We talk to you and your team to learn the important aspects, nuances, and challenges of the opportunity. We make sure to understand your company culture and the traits and skills of your ideal candidate.

Recruiting Methodology

Our Custom Search Strategy

Based on your information and unique requirements, we put together a custom search strategy. We directly target qualified candidates that meet and exceed your criteria.

Supply Chain Recruiting Strategy

Candidates in 7 Days

Once we have all the required information to put together your custom search strategy, we are committed to presenting you with a small group of highly qualified candidates within one week.

Logistics Recruiting

Interview Process

We help you schedule interviews and provide candid feedback on behalf of you to the candidates, and the candidates to you. As you narrow down the final prospects, we conduct necessary reference checks and can help you with the offer negotiations.

Job Interview

Our 90 Day Guarantee

We want to be part of your success and support that with a 90-day candidate guarantee.

5 SCOPE Recruiting qualities

Understands My Organization

To you recruiting isn’t a numbers game. You like to work with a select few recruiters who take the time to truly understand your organization and unique requirements. You value high-quality candidates over quantity and see a recruiter as a partner to your organization.

Knows My Industry

You want your recruiter to be an expert in your industry with years of experience. You appreciate market feedback and recommendations in your best interest to get you the best possible candidates.

Understands the Position

You expect your recruiter to understand the finer details of a position because this will make the difference between finding a good and a great candidate.

Can Find Talent in My Local Market

Working with somebody who has access to a great network and database of candidates including passive job seekers and individuals in your local market is a plus to you.

Stays in Touch

Communication is key to every successful partnership. You enjoy working with recruiters who frequently touch base and keep you informed about their progress.