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5 Ways To Make Yourself Stand Out As A Job Candidate

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Whether you need to find a new job as a result of the pandemic or just want to step up the ladder in 2021 doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is that the competition for positions will be fierce throughout the months to come. Therefore, making a great first impression is inevitably more important than ever too.

Unsure of how you can make that happen? Here’s all you need to know.

Develop New Skills

While you’re confident in your capabilities, it’s necessary to consider the employer’s viewpoint. They don’t simply want someone with a degree and skills that were relevant five years ago. They want to hire people that will thrive in today’s market and drive the company to a brighter tomorrow. Blockchain certification courses are an attractive solution right now as firms adapt to the new landscape. When you can bring something new to the table, you will stand out for the right reasons.

Make Your Written Applications Stand Out

The application for a job role can potentially break your dreams before you’ve even had an opportunity to show your skills. Developing better writing skills can transform your resume, cover letters, applications, and statements. Moreover, it allows you to build an engaging website. Given the volume of candidates, hiring managers will look for reasons to overlook you before wasting time on your application. A lack of professionalism in written communications will cost you dearly. 

Add Visuals

If you have built a website or plan to send a hard copy of an application to the employer, it’s vital to prevent boredom. Including visual content is a great option. Video is a popular marketing tool because viewers remember 95% of it, compared to 10% of text. Using this for your job applications is a great solution. Employers will be far more likely to watch a three-minute video rather than read their 100th resume of the day. Besides, it’s an ideal way to showcase your personality.

Conduct Your Research

Employers want to work with people they can get along with. As such, your skills and experience will only take you so far. Establishing a strong connection from the start will give you a far better shot of getting hired. Developing better body language and communication skills will support your cause. Moreover, you can prepare for interviews by researching the recruitment team. Check out what they Tweet or speak about online or in company materials before using this info to your advantage.

Focus On Your Value

Whether you’re at the application stage or having an interview, remember that employers want you to add value to the company. Perhaps the best way to do this is to show that you are already thinking like you’re in the job. For example, you could prepare a list of actionable steps that you’d want to implement in the first six months. When those ideas appeal to the employer, they won’t just want to hire. They’ll need to hire you. Very few candidates take the initiative in such a powerful way. Doing it will make you unforgettable.

Complete each of the above steps, and your applications will stand out. While it doesn’t guarantee getting a job, it’ll certainly boost your chances.


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