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What Types Of Jobs Can You Do In The Military?

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If you’ve ever considered a career in the armed forces, then you may have thought that your past experience won’t allow you to find a job there; however, one of the great things about the military is that it has so many different areas.

For example, whilst many people might think of the military as being just the army and are conjuring up scary images of bloodied soldiers strewn across beaches and battlefields after reading about the Second World War and wondering How Many WW2 Veterans are Still Alive?, the military is more than just the army, and fighting on the front line is just a small part of the whole operation these days.

In fact, working in the military is something that’s interesting, comes with lots of benefits, and because of the size of it, requires many different skills and specialists to work in jobs across the army, navy, and air force.

So, here are just some of the jobs you could find yourself being considered for. Remember as well, the military will provide, not only their own specific basic training for the forces, but they’ll provide job specific training, so as long as you meet the entry and fitness requirements, there’s usually no issue regarding your professional background.


When on deployment or even when stationed on base, military members and their families can still get sick or need various forms of medical assistance, so having a nurse there is crucial and they’re a very high-valued part of the military.


Chefs are always needed in the military, so if you’d like to put your cooking skills to good use, earn great money and get to see the world, then this could be the perfect job path for you. The great thing about being a chef in the military is that once you’re finished with your active service, you can find it much easier to work as a chef elsewhere.


Whether it’s dealing with budgets or helping military members with their tax questions, the military needs people who have a good eye for numbers and who can help keep this side of things in check, so if you’re able to do this or would like to follow this path, then working as an accountant or even in payroll in the military is something to consider.


The military use different forms of aircraft, such as planes and helicopters, and they need people who can safely operate those. The good thing about being a military pilot is that it opens the door later on to have an easier entry into becoming a commercial pilot, and since a lot of military retire before they’re 45, this could be a great next step in your career.


Since the military are heavily reliant on different machinery and equipment, they also need to have people working with them who know how to fix things when they go wrong, so they have a lot of need for people like mechanics to work with them and make sure everything is safe and good to go when needed or who can at least be on hand when something goes wrong that needs fixed.


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