Tips for Hiring the Right Candidates for Your Organization

Employees are considered the bloodline of every organization; who you hire or recruit for your business can either make or break your company.
Tips for Hiring the Right Candidates for Your Organization

Employees are considered the bloodline of every organization; who you hire or recruit for your business can either make or break your company. Selecting the right employee for your team can prove a daunting task since the wrong fit could prove time-consuming, expensive, and costly for your workplace. A study has proposed that many businesses find it challenging to engage the right people. This has become even more challenging during the coronavirus pandemic, changing how work is generally done. Here are some top tips to help you hire the right staff for your company every time.

  1. Search for the people with career commitment

The best candidate you need to recruit should be focused on their profession to reduce the likelihood of changing jobs or occupations regularly for more significant pay. Hiring an individual with no proper business or career commitment will be problematic since they lack loyalty and may not show any desire to grow. It would help if you checked the candidate's past work duration to understand how often they switch or change jobs as they’re unquestionably not the ideal staff for your business or job role.

  1. Have a recruitment plan

The job description outlined for your possible candidates can guide your recruitment planning meeting involving all the relevant staff in the process. The hiring manager is a vital figure for the entire recruitment plan, and the selecting process starts right from the meeting. There are many recruitment options to choose from, such as how CVs are submitted, video interviews, assessment tests, and face-to-face conversations to understand the candidates better and identify the right fit for your business.

  1. Test for excellent studying and analytical skills

Using various assessment techniques will help you evaluate candidates’ learning and analytical abilities. Although candidate testing can be somewhat tricky, it’s not enough to assess them based on their resume and confidence since they don't tell the whole story. It's great to have a confident applicant, yet what you must focus on is one with the appropriate skills and educational certification required to deliver on the job. 

An analytical skill test is an excellent way to measure a candidate's ability to examine information to arrive at a rational and logical conclusion. This assessment is crucial because analytical skills are prevalent in everyday workplace activities. These include relevant information gathering, problem identification, data analysis, statement evaluation, and finding workable solutions.

  1. Assess for compatibility

Hiring employees that fit into your workplace culture is vital for meeting business goals. It’s essential to check whether your candidate has the social skills to coexist with others, particularly your existing managers and staff. Finding out from the candidate how they intend to manage present business staff and clients helps you judge their compatibility with your organizational culture. For instance, in the current business climate where many businesses work remotely, it’s advisable to assess their work abilities in similar settings. 

Keep in mind that eagerness is one of the vital characteristics a candidate should have to work with your team, as their enthusiasm will reflect how they carry out their tasks and treat customers. If you have a remote working team, here are some tips on creating a productive work environment at home.

  1. Assess your potential candidates’ social media presence

A candidate’s social media presence can say a lot about their interests, character, etc. Therefore, taking a look at their pages is a great way to know them better. Analyzing their social media presence can be an excellent hiring technique, especially for tech businesses. You'll be amazed by the kind of information you’ll discover about the candidates by exploring their social footprint. Statistics reveal that 90% of companies prefer to recruit via social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, an estimated 46% of Fortune 500 companies list employment opportunities using social or online media.

  1. Carefully review applications and credentials

The process of reviewing job applications, cover letters, and resumes begin with a well-composed job description. Create a checklist of the attributes you’re looking out for in your top applicants. It would be best if you prepared this during the recruitment planning meeting. Screening all your candidates against the list to determine their qualifications, skills, experience, and qualities will help you invest adequate time and resources into the selection process. 

The best recruitment usually involves testing your candidates with actual work. Their background qualification and experience are vital, but that will come to nothing if they can't get the job done the way you want. While you need to be sure before confirming a hire, you need to assess their working abilities first


Friddy Hoegener


28 April 2021

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