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There's A Role Out There For Everyone!

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It’s so easy to feel like you’re stuck in the career rut. A rut that everyone seems to be stuck in, because 90% of the people that you meet will tell you how much they hate their role, and how desperate they are to get out of it and find something else. But the same people will also talk about how there are no jobs out there, even though there are literally thousands of open roles to choose from. So when people are saying that there is a big job shortage in the world, they most likely mean a shortage in the jobs they’re really interested in. When in reality, if you were to find a role that you really loved, and you truly set your heart to it, you’d do all it takes to secure the role. Whether it be going back into education to get the relevant qualifications, or volunteering to get the experience they need. So you see, you’re most likely your own worst enemy at the minute, and there’s plenty that can be done about it. There truly is a role out there for everyone, even you! You just might need a push in the right direction to ensure that you’re going for the right one. Keep on reading to find out more!


Those Of You Who Can’t Live Your Average Life

Not everyone is built the same way, and it would seem that some people are more susceptible to opportunities than others. Do you remember those people in high school or further education, who would just seem to get lucky with everything. They’d get the perfect grades, they’d be offered opportunities nobody else was, and they seemed to have everything handed to them on a plate. Well just because life is not that easy for some of us, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have everything they’ve had, we just need to work a little bit harder for it. The ones who feel segregated the most, are those with disabilities. A disability doesn’t have to be something that you’re born with, it can be something that life has thrown upon you, and it’s up to you as to how you deal with it and live your life. There are Disability Employment Providers who could put you in your dream job, making sure that your needs are catered for, and that you don’t feel like you’re the one being left out. A disability shouldn’t mean you have to live your life any differently to others, especially if it is only a minor disability. You should always be open and honest about your needs with your new employer as well, just so they’re 100% clear on what you need from them!


Building On The Skills You Have

Whether you like to admit it or not, you will have skills that you need to build upon, if you want to be able to progress in the career world. So it’s not every employer that will spend their time and money putting you through courses, and if you’re in a role that does that now, make the most of it if you are thinking about jumping ship soon. So, have a quick Google, and check out any of the courses that you might be able to take. It could build on the skills that you already have, or it could take you down a totally different path. The courses usually don’t cost too much, but they could mean the difference between you getting a promotion, and you staying right where you are! The more skills and qualifications that you have, the more employable you’re going to be.


Find A Company That Understands You

Now this is a really important one, because finding a company that truly understands you, is far more important than finding a job that you think is going to pay well. Not everyone company is interested in the people they’re hiring, they’re only interested in the money you’re going to make them. So have a read of the reviews based around the role you want to go for, if there are any. Employees will usually leave reviews as to what it’s like to work for that company, when they’re leaving. So gauge whether the good feedback or negative is going to put you off. If there are no reviews to read, you can usually find out all you need to in the interview process. Be sure to decipher them offering you the world, and them actually offering you things they’re going to follow through with.


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