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Why It's Benefitial To Give Yourself Career Homework

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For some industries, work is a normal 9 to 5. There’s always tomorrow and so you can go home on time every time. However there are some industries that are intense and have highly complex environments with a lot on the line. The risk assessment department of any large multinational corporation is always going to be looking to get in as much overtime as possible. Other professions such as in the healthcare industry need to keep on top of new discoveries, potential cures, better treatments and patient care standards. For someone who is a sports scientist with high profile clients, they will need to watch their events and work out where they could improve performance. However this means one thing; you need to give yourself homework. Yes, most of us love the fact that our job doesn’t come home with us, we stop at a certain time and forget about it until tomorrow. Alas, some professions you cannot do that if you want to stay ahead.



Financial planning

Maybe you own a business or perhaps you are the sole financial planner for a business, either way you know your work doesn’t totally stop. Financial planning is one of the most exciting but meticulous roles in all of business. You are essentially, roadmapping the direction of travel for a business or rather, giving all the financial options to the CEO. It's wise to read trusted news sources on the various moves happening in global markets and not just the domestic economy. This is a global world and sometimes a little movement in another market can have a big impact on your nation. For example, financial planners would do well to study the impact of US tariffs on China right now, so if the company ever wants to expand to this part of the world you can supply the knowledge to your leader. Reading up on financial risk news from sources like Deloitte is also something you should make time for when you get home.



Learn more by doing

When work ends, should you go straight home? Well, in most cases, yes but not when you’re fighting for a promotion. If you look at how you could further your education as a nurse, you’ll see that extra activity away from the hospital is very beneficial for your career. Firstly, you’ll be volunteering with groups such as homeless charities, going abroad to poorer countries and also being part of government selected groups that go off as urgent care teams for such cases as fighting outbreaks of rare diseases; for example Ebola. However you can also decide to do a Master’s degree which has very good benefits as you can imagine. A vast increase in your knowledge and expertise means a higher paying role, more responsibility and more influence in the industry. Sometimes you have to make the plunge and really go for a route where you learn by doing to improve your career.


Be ready for promotion

Maybe you’re ready for a promotion. You have been in a junior role for a few years now and you would like a chance to become a leading employee in the company you currently work for. A management role incurs many different requirements and character traits. You cannot just be a good people person, you have to have knowledge of the industry and how things work to be a trusted leader. Therefore the kind of homework you should give yourself revolves researching around industry trends. Sign up to online journals that give your access to the latest reports done by experts and academics. For biologists this would mean searching for your speciality. For example, if you’re a lung cancer biologist and you want to lead a team in a lab on various research programs, then consider reading the Elsevier Lung Cancer journal. Many journals are in fact monthly or quarterly subscriptions but you can also buy them separately. This kind of knowledge is something that managers and c-suite rank leading employees read. Therefore in order to relate to them, you should do the same. 

It's extremely beneficial to give yourself homework and make sure you are doing not just extra activities away from work, but also read up on the latest goings-on in your industry. Managers want to promote employees they believe can take hold of the torch and live up to expectations. One way to do this is to impress them by doing volunteer work that gives you experience in the field. This can mean going abroad on a charity mission to help poorer countries and learn various skills while on the job.

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