Recruitment Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Recruitment Trends for 2019 and Beyond

The digital revolution helped shape the current job market to become candidate-driven. This makes hunting for top talents a lot more challenging in 2019. It’s vital for your company to implement a variety of innovative recruitment strategies to attract more qualified candidates and ultimately, hire the best ones.

Companies have been introduced to a handful of technological recruitment tools in the past years. These advancements, such as automation and social recruiting, remain to be the forces that drive the industry. As these trends continue to grow, it’s vital that organizations stay updated with the latest developments and trends to stay ahead of the curve.


Recruitment stats that will change the way you hire this 2019

  • Bersin by Deloitte revealed that at least 40% of companies surveyed are already using one or more AI tools for their HR processes. 

  • 92% of companies use social media to recruit candidates.

  • study by LinkedIn shows that 75% of job seekers assess the company’s brand before submitting their application. 

  • 46% of recruiters say the industry is starting to feel more like marketing.

  • 52% of candidates search for the company’s sites and social media platforms to learn more about the employer. 


A top-notch recruitment agency and its hiring managers embrace these numbers and the current trends surrounding the industry. They are open to assessing new tech to see if it may have significant impact on their company’s bottom line. Becoming tech-savvy enables them to tap on qualified candidates and potential leaders.

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Friddy Hoegener


10 January 2019

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