Networking and Personal Branding on LinkedIn for Supply Chain

When you combine personal branding with networking, you get a much more robust system to find new jobs, advance in your career and become a thought leader in your industry.
Networking and Personal Branding on LinkedIn for Supply Chain

You can network on LinkedIn in many ways, but by distilling it into a consistent practice that lives beyond direct messages, you can multiply your results.


Personal branding allows you to create a reputation on LinkedIn that can work for you even if you are offline.


When you combine personal branding with networking, you get a much more robust system to find new jobs, advance in your career and become a thought leader in your industry.


Why You Should Care About Networking on LinkedIn


Networking is a critical component of career development. It helps you find jobs, build relationships, and develop your skills. Networking also helps you get noticed and promoted. You can use it to find new opportunities and stay current with what's going on in the industry.


Networking, like most things, however, has many different versions.


You might be thinking of some right now, and maybe it’s not good. For example, some people think of loud, guerrilla-style networking that comes off as annoying or aggressive. But if you focus on networking as nurturing relationships and adding value to those around you, networking becomes fulfilling and fruitful for everyone.


“Networking: nurturing relationships and adding value to those around you.”


When you network, it’s like setting up a strong foundation and safety net for your career. You are building something greater than your job and role. You are influencing an industry and making connections that outlive any job you have.




What is Personal Branding and Why Should it Matter?


Personal branding is about how you want to be perceived and remembered by others. So when someone comes across your name online, one or two words should automatically pop up in their head.


For example, what do you think of when you hear the name Simon Cowell? It’s probably music or competitive judging, based on his time on the X Factor or American Idol. Or, Elon Musk, and you think space, mars, or innovation. These entrepreneurs are very focused, and they communicate their message effectively.


When someone thinks of your name, what comes to mind? Is it someone who is changing the industry? Someone with original thinking? A hard worker? Think carefully of what you want to portray as you communicate online and build a brand.


Personal branding is the first step in connecting with people who can help further your career or goals. It helps them remember who you are and why it makes sense for them to interact and follow you.


While personal branding is based on you, remember to shape it in the context of your network. What do they get out of following you on LinkedIn? What can you offer?



How Personal Branding on LinkedIn Works


LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with millions of users. You can access the largest networking resource in history when you log in. As a result, you have a massive opportunity to use it for your career and industry.


LinkedIn offers users many tools to build their personal brand on the platform.


They can share their work history and any certifications or licenses they have earned; they can list educational information and add personal interests like sports teams or hobbies. You should use these sections strategically for future jobs, and so people know how you can benefit from them.


Once you have set up your profile, engaging and posting consistently is the best way to jumpstart your personal brand.


Engage with relevant connections in your network by providing valuable insights into their posts. Once you start interacting with everyone, they will take note of what you post too.


Ensure you are posting focused content.


It’s ok to share a vacation or something fun you did every now and then, but you should be posting ten more things focused on your brand and career. People want to quickly understand who you are and what you stand for, and if your posts seem scattered, you’ll have a hard time building an audience and nurturing the one you have now.


The key is showing up daily. Comment on posts and create original posts.


Then, once you make stronger connections, begin to invite them to coffee or zoom. Get to know your network on a personal level. You gain a friend and a high-level contact within your network when they reach this point.



Creating and Maintaining Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn


A great way to start networking with other professionals is by joining groups within your industry or area of interest. While these groups can be helpful, they may become overwhelming if they aren’t curated carefully— so pick highly relevant groups.


Also, use tools like Canva (free) to help design your headshot. Or, Substack, to send people to your email list (and ideally, receive a valuable newsletter from you). If you set up the right system, you can create a vibrant network that can help you with your career for the rest of your life.


As you develop an audience, create something of value that can make them superfans. For example, publish a short e-book or guide within your industry. It’s one way to give to your network before you need them, putting you in the best position to benefit from your relationships.


Personal branding and networking are essential not only for your career but also for your personal growth. Using LinkedIn, you can connect with people who share similar interests and build relationships through social media to help develop yourself professionally and personally.


Friddy Hoegener


12 September 2022

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