Is Coding the Most Important Skill for the Future?

Is Coding the Most Important Skill for the Future?

This should come as no surprise to you, especially if you take into consideration that 32 percent of top jobs in 2016 consist of tech positions. Development and coding have undergone huge changes in the last few years, helping in the diversification of the IT industry.

However, there is plenty to be done, which is part of the reason why there is an increased demand for coders with all sorts of backgrounds in the field. If you are not sure whether you should learn to code, here are a few reasons why it is an important skill for the future.

Reasons for Coding

Coding has made its way into literary every industry you can think of, whether work or life. In fact, it’s so prevalent it is difficult to distinguish tech-related duties from regular work.

Learning how to code offers you a competitive edge in the current and future job market. Even while applying for a position with no relevancy to coding; it is still a good idea to have it in your resume. Having knowledge in it provides you with a foot up on the competition.

Unlike many other items required for boosting a person’s position, such as a college degree, just about anyone can start learning to code. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost thousands, and there are multiple tools, including plenty of software, that can help you learn from basic programming. In fact, you can start lessons from the comfort of your home, and structure learning around your other responsibilities.

You Earn More from Less Work

One of the most popular inspirational work quotes asserts that everyone should endeavor to work smart and not hard. This is very true today, especially in an environment where multiple responsibilities and duties require your attention.

Once you improve your hourly rate, you get to take home higher pay, even when you work less. This strategy allows you to invest more time into the things you are passionate about – including hobbies and family. If you have no outside responsibilities, working smart allows you to invest a few more hours into building your marketing skills.

Creating Your Own Schedule

Writing code is one of the newer disciplines in the job market and does not quite follow the rules of traditional positions. As a result, the coding workplace is less likely to be less tradition than any other industry.

For example, most coding jobs can be done anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi signal. In addition, such jobs are usually not hourly positions, but rather salary or task-based. Another great reason for learning computer coding is the flexibility and freedom it offers you.

Helps Improve Interpersonal Skills

Computer coding in bigger projects usually requires working with a team. This means that you will be working as part of a system that works as a unit. Learning how to interact with co-workers and bosses is an essential skill that’s often developed via coding.

Set Yourself Apart

Jobs in the coding industry are increasing; in fact, more coding jobs are likely to open up in the future in some of the traditional positions. As an established coder, instead of looking for jobs, recruiters actually knock on your door. Given the way things have been going in the past, the future is unlikely to become less techie.


When it comes to computer coding, what was easy to do in the past, is even easier to do today, and what’s easy to do today is only going to get easier. In other words, coding was, is and will always be the basis of technology, and the future is bright as the world pursues a comfortable, effortless living.


Friddy Hoegener


18 March 2019

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