How Much Does a Recruiter Make Per Placement?

Whether you're interested in partnering with a recruiter for a job or your company's talent needs, you've likely wondered how much a recruiter makes per placement. It's an important question...
How Much Does a Recruiter Make Per Placement?

Whether you're interested in partnering with a recruiter for a job or your company's talent needs, you've likely wondered how much a recruiter makes per placement. It's an important question because you want to ensure the process is fair and worth the cost.

At SCOPE Recruiting, we partner with many companies and candidates to find the perfect supply chain and operations industry match. We believe transparency is a big part of that.

Here is all you need to know about the recruiting industry and its standards for pricing per placement.

What is a Recruiter?

But first: what exactly is a recruiter? It's hard to know what each role entails between recruiting, headhunting, and other talent and HR terms.

While headhunting looks to fill a high-level role for a company, recruiting focuses on a personable partnership between the company and its future candidates. By focusing on a company's needs throughout the relationship, recruiters know the exact candidate and fit for skills, DNA, and expectations.

When you research the recruiters you want to partner with, ensure you pay attention to the people behind the team. What are their backgrounds? Are they specialized in their industry?

For example, at SCOPE Recruiting, our recruiters are the best talent professionals in the industry. But it doesn't end there. Since we focus on supply chain and operations companies, our recruiters need to know the ins and outs of the industry.

That's why our team is made up of professionals in the supply chain industry. They know the right person for your company, or the proper opportunity for your career, better than anyone else would. This makes for a powerful partnership between recruiters, organizations, and job-seekers.

As you search for a recruiter, evaluate their reputation, background, and willingness to study your needs and meet your vision.

Candidates: Do Recruiter Take a Cut of Your Salary?

When job-seekers are looking for the correct position that aligns with their career goals, there's nothing better than hiring the right recruiter to help them. They'll find the best opportunities with experts that know the industry and nurture relationships with companies.

Do recruiters take a cut of your salary? Traditionally, no. The company and recruiter have an agreement, and the company usually pays a fee.

Companies that have talent needs entrust agencies to help them fill it. Their interest is in finding great professionals for much-needed roles for their operations. Because of this talent need, companies make agreements with recruiters.

Depending on the agency, professionals looking for a job can expect the cost of the service to be paid by the company that hires them.

The cost for a recruiter's service also depends on the salary you agree on with a company. Therefore, it's in their best interest to get you the salary you need to live a sustainable life and meet your financial goals.

How Much Do Recruiters Make Per Placement?

A big part of the recruiter cost will rely on a commission paid for by the company. The standard way to define this service fee is a percentage of an employee's first-year salary. For example, a recruiting firm may charge 20%-40% of the first-year salary to find the right candidate.

While organizations should consider this commission percentage, they should also evaluate the quality of the recruitment service. For example, if a company wants to save costs by choosing a recruiter with a lower commission, they could be sacrificing quality. A cheaper service may mean a smaller network and less experienced talent professionals. This creates a more costly search, the chance you won't find the best candidate and risk starting the process again if the wrong candidate is hired.

The success of a business relies on your team. You can only grow as much as your talent allows you to. And the best recruiters, specialized in your industry, are your best chance for a dynamic, high-performing team.

What a Great Recruiter Means for You

As you study the costs per placement and the recruiting process, evaluate the benefits you can expect from an excellent service.

Have you ever defined a big vision and developed a roadmap to get there? Then, without the right team or company behind you, it fell flat? People are everything, and a great recruiter can create a supercharged environment for you.

The right company will allow you to grow and use your talent to the fullest potential for job-seekers. You don't want to work for a company that lacks the goals, leadership, and vision needed to fuel your passion and strengthen your skills. You want to enjoy your work and create a legacy in your industry. Your job should have the benefits and salary you need to live a comfortable life to focus on providing value.

For companies, your talent will determine your future. Each team member has a vital role to play, and if you don't have the right person, your company falls behind. Great talent will produce innovation, continuously improve, and take your company to the next level.

With a great recruiter, you can take full advantage of the opportunities a great team and company can provide you in the supply chain industry.- - -

Recruiters earn different amounts per placement, depending on the industry, agreement with companies, and their commission rates. While their fee is important, focusing on their results is more critical.

Recruiters that provide unmatchable value can give an ROI that produces growth for years to come.

Are you looking for a recruiting agency in the supply chain and operations industry?

SCOPE Recruiting specializes in industry talent recruitment for professionals and companies like you. We're made up of former employees and managers in the supply chain industry, making us the most qualified and experienced firm for your needs. We can find the perfect fit for you with our vast network and resources. Contact us to learn more.

A percentage used after some research on google. I recommend revising this to whichever percentage is more appropriate with SCOPE’s rates.


Friddy Hoegener


16 February 2022

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