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Here’s Why You Should Accept that Promotion- Even if it Doesn’t Come with a Pay Rise

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Getting a promotion can be fantastic. You may have new responsibilities and a bigger role within the company, but if this doesn’t come with a pay rise then you may be experiencing some anger over this. You may think that there is absolutely no point in you accepting the promotion if it is just going to pile more work on your desk and you may also feel very underappreciated as well. Don’t worry though, because this is completely normal and a lot of other people have been in the same position that you’re in. You may however, actually benefit from taking that promotion even if it isn’t going to fill your bank account.


One of the best reasons why you should take an unpaid promotion is so that you can take advantage of the experience that you will get. When you move into a bigger role you may feel stress from having a huge level of responsibility, but this will set your career path for the future. That experience will help you to stand apart from all the other people in your workplace and it will also help you to secure a paid promotion later down the line as well. If you think about it, people pay thousands to go on training courses and even to go to college, and you can take advantage of all that for free. If you pair this with a course such as one from Udemy then you will seriously be in a winning situation. Check out these Udemy reviews if you want to find out more.

It’s Great for your Resume

A flat resume that is boring really does not appeal to an employer. You need to show that you have made a difference to the places you worked. Promotions without a pay rise are a good way for you to do this and it will really pay off in the future. You may be able to skip out job promotions and go straight to the top because you will already have a great deal of valuable experience, not to mention that it will really help you to stand out as well.

Not Everything Revolves Around Money

Sure. You aren’t getting any more money and this might be awful for your self-esteem, but think about it, what else does this promotion give you? It gives you the chance to take some extra personal days and it may even give you the chance to travel as well. Some companies may even be willing to give you discounts or even services for a much lower price because you are higher in the company. In some instances, you could get your phone paid for and this gives you the chance to avoid paying for it yourself. Little benefits like this can go much further than just a standard pay rise and you will be seen as being a valuable member of the workforce as well.

If you have been handed a promotion at work and it doesn’t come with a pay rise, take it. Don’t mess about, and know that it will seriously help you in all of your future career endeavours.

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