Cross Country: 5 Ways to Complete A Successful Cross-Country Move for a New Job

Cross Country: 5 Ways to Complete A Successful Cross-Country Move for a New Job

Moving is rarely fun, and a cross country move can be extra challenging, so we have compiled five tips to make your coast-to-coast journey less stressful when you’re moving for a new job.

Whether you’re moving from a Athens, Georgia apartment to a beach side condo in Malibu, or to your first home in Minnesota that you recently purchased on a contract for deed, it’s important to make your move as efficient as possible, especially when you are stressed about the beginning of your new career.

Let Someone Else Do It

Granted, you have to be well-off to be able to do a hands-off move, but if you have the money, this can be accomplished.

There are people and services that will pack your things, sell, donate or just take the items you don’t want to move, load up a truck or a moving container, get that truck or container to your new residence, and reverse the process as they unpack and set your stuff up.

Cleaning services will handle the mess made in moving and will beautify your new home or apartment after your stuff has been put into proper place. All you have to do is sit back and watch, and of course find a place to stay while your things are in transit.

On top of that, it might make sense to hire a laundry service to help make that part of your move easier. Some companies will even pick up, clean and fold your clothes for you!

Another Idea

OK, so you don’t have the money for that kind of luxury move—and few of us do—so you need to do the next best thing. Remember, while moving van companies do serve their purposes and not all of them are crooks like some might lead you to believe, a container or truck move are two great options. With the container system, a cube is brought to your residence, you fill it with your stuff, and after it has been delivered to your new place, you unpack it. We of course suggest that you get pro packing help, because those basement freezers are often heavier and more difficult to move than you may think.


Cross country moves can also be accomplished with a semi-trailer that is parked in front of your home just like the cube. You load it and a driver brings it to your new location. Some issues with this method are:

  • You have to load a trailer and they sit a number of feet off the ground.
  • That means having a method to lift things up or roll them up a ramp.
  • You might share your trailer with someone else, but your space will be delineated and cordoned off.
  • You have to estimate you square footage needs and if you go over the amount, it will cost you more money.

Drive it Yourself

You can certainly rent a 24-foot truck and drive it cross country.

If you have a lot of time, this could actually be fun, and we guarantee that you will gain a new level of respect for over-the-road truckers. Some things to consider are:

  • Know where you are going to stay.
  • People will know you are doing a self-move to park the truck so the liftgate is against a wall
  • Understand that trucks don’t go as fast as cars.
  • Some moving gurus recommend driving all night and sleeping all day, so your belongings are never left unattended in darkness.

Move Less Stuff

As with all moves, whether they are short or long-distance, move as few things as possible. Donate, sell have a garage sale or just dispose of items you don’t need. A lighter load will obviously save time and money.

Again, cross country moves can be challenging but with planning you can make the job safer and easier.


Friddy Hoegener


20 February 2019

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