Bad Advice You Must Ignore When Job Searching

Bad Advice You Must Ignore When Job Searching

Bad Advice You Must Ignore When Job Searching

At several points in your life, you will probably be searching for a job. With competition tight and good jobs hard to come by, many people follow any advice given to increase their chances of getting hired. But not all advice is good and can actually dampen your chances of being recruited. However, some resources, including sites like, are great if you are looking to improve your resume. This article will also discuss things to avoid if you want to secure a job.

Accepting first offers

Unless you are comfortable with the first offer you are given, do not settle or accept it. It is true that you may really need the job, but you should also consider that you will likely stay in that role for a while before there is any chance of promotion or increase in salary. If the offer is not what you expect or less than you value your services or expertise, do not accept the first offer.

Applying for several roles by the same employer

Organizations mainly recruit to secure particular expertise for a position. Unless you have enough expertise, experience, and credentials to back up applying for multiple roles, do not do this. There may be instances that you want to work with a particular institution, but that is the wrong way to go about it. Honestly, this will only make you seem desperate and make the employer think you do not know your competencies.

Being a ‘yes’ man

For most people, accepting everything the recruiter says makes them sound ready to work. But remember that the recruiter is doing everything in the best interests of the company. That means you are only a means to an end, so it will be best not to acquiesce to things you have issues with. Speak up and let your concerns be addressed rather than sit down and sign a contract that will put you in a bind.

Repeated follow-ups

You have often heard that consistent follow-ups show your determination and may get you the job. This is bad advice; consider your phone constantly ringing with calls from a marketer who wants to sell something you are not interested in or already have. That is how the recruiter feels when you keep badgering them with follow-ups. They have your details, and if you are the right fit, they will get in touch. You can do one follow-up, and that should be it. Leave them to do their jobs and keep looking elsewhere while waiting for the call.

Packing your resume

Not everything should go onto your resume despite what you have heard or think. You have to be thoughtful and strategic in this regard. Carefully examine the role you are applying for and only include details that pertain to the job. Adding other things that are not essential will be nothing other than distractions. Consider each job application carefully and decide on what you put on your resume. Just be confident and highlight what your credentials are, and you will definitely make a good impression.


Friddy Hoegener


11 March 2021

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