You have a lot of employees. How can you identify the superstars on your team that will truly take your business to the next level?

One key way is by identifying the core competencies you want your employees to have. There are lots of options here, but we've compiled 5 employee core competencies that are absolutely essential.

Check them out below!

1. Self-Confidence

A superstar employee is confident. This doesn't mean they are arrogant. It simply means they know their strengths and are willing to stand up for the right thing.

Self-confidence also means you can positively respond to criticism or correction. Basically, someone with a high level of confidence will speak up when necessary and will stay quiet when appropriate.

If you have an employee who thinks their way is the only right way, that's not self-confidence. That's arrogance and this quality is detrimental to a group organization.

2. Add Trustworthiness to Your List of Employee Core Competencies

To have a successful working relationship, you need to be able to trust your employees. While someone may be great at their job, are they honest?

Will they blame others for their failures? Will they look for ways out of working? You need someone you can count on.

Basically, you want people who will do the right thing no matter what, even when you're not watching. That's truly being trustworthy.

3. Strong Written Communication

Written communication is a core part of almost every business. Even if your employee isn't writing official company documents or posting on your social media accounts, you still want them to be a good writer.

This is because you want to have effective communication within your company. This is a big issue in many organizations. One study found that 46% of employees rarely or never leave a meeting knowing what they're supposed to do next. That's a big problem!

You want your team members to understand each other and to be clear with their expectations.

Also, if your employee interacts with customers via chat or email, you want to know that you can count on them to use correct grammar and spelling. Their communication directly reflects your business.

4. Responsible and Dependable

Great employees never let themselves hold up projects. They know the tasks they need to accomplish and make plans to make them happen.

You want to know that when you assign a task, it will get done. And if they have questions, your employee will follow up with you.

You don't want to be the one always checking on them. When you're hiring, look for responsible and dependable employees.

5. Forward Thinking

Another key competency is being forward thinking. In fact, a study from the Harvard Business Review found forward thinking to be the second most important trait in a leader.

Your employees should be focused on the future. This will help your organization be prepared for what's ahead. It also will allow you to avoid roadblocks.

All in all, look for employees that are focus on development and growth. They are your superstars.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it! 5 employee core competencies you should look for. These employees will be your future leaders.

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