Specialized Logistics Recruiters

SCOPE Recruiting is a national supply chain and logistics recruiting firm specializing in the permanent placement of logistics professionals for small to Fortune 500 companies. 

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The logistics industry is ever evolving as new regulations, technology, and customer expectations develop and become the new market norm. Successful logistics recruiting requires a deep understanding of that evolution plus the ability to identify candidates that can succeed in that changing environment. SCOPE Recruiting understands the nature of the business, and the impact a well running logistics team is to an organization’s bottom line and customer satisfaction. 


Partnering with a logistics recruiting firm will keep your hiring time to a minimum, while ensuring you get the talent you need and your employee turnover stays low, maximizing your ROI.

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Below are some of the roles we recruit for:


Procurement Manager Transportation Manager

Procurement Manager Warehouse Manager

Procurement Manager Fleet Operations Manager

Procurement Manager Distribution Manager

Procurement Manager VP of Logistics and Transportation

Procurement Manager Logistics Manager / Director

Procurement Manager Warehouse Supervisor

Procurement Manager Inventory Management



Why Work With a Logistics Recruiter?


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Our Logistics Recruiting Process

Candidates aren’t the only ones that need to make a good impression during an interview. In today’s competitive talent market, it is critical that a company not only has a strong value proposition, but creates a positive interview experience for the candidates.

Our process is built to attract the most qualified and sought after candidates to your organization. SCOPE Recruiting will help you clearly define the requirements and expectations for your position. 

Our logistics recruiters worked directly in the logistics and supply chain sector before joining SCOPE Recruiting, and this industry background translates into high-quality candidate shortlists and more successful recruitment outcomes.

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