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Why work with Procurement Recruiters

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In our recent blog series we explored the talent gap for procurement and supply chain roles. So what advantages does it have to work with a specialized procurement recruiting firm?

Supply Chain and Procurement organizations are now a core strategic function for most businesses and a driver for transformation. Successful procurement strategies often lead to immediate savings, positively affecting the bottom line and freeing up resources to transform additional parts of the organization.   

However, as we have explored in our blog “Why is there a talent deficit in procurement?”, 62% of CPOs don’t believe their team has the skills and capabilities to deliver their procurement strategy.

When your current methods of attracting talent don’t yield the results you have been hoping for, it might be time to change your approach. Hiring a niche recruiting firm who understands the Supply Chain industry and specializes in Procurement recruiting has several advantages. 

Experienced Procurement recruiters provide numerous benefits that other avenues cannot provide.  In fact, below are four key benefits of working with such a firm:


  1. Feedback and guidance throughout the process—An expert recruiting firm can help you clearly define the requirements and expectations for an open position. Expert recruiters stay on top of current trends and developments within the industry, allowing them to provide valuable insight regarding the job market, trends, candidates and just about anything else relevant to your search.
  1. Access to passive candidates—Top Procurement talent is very rarely actively searching for a new position. That means you need to know how to identify and reach those candidates. An expert recruiting firm specializes in those types of candidates and has developed strategies on how to reach them. In fact, the recruiting firm might already be representing them.  It makes sense that a top-notch candidate would gravitate more toward a specialized search firm.
  1. Increase your chances to get the candidate—Finding top talent is only the first step. Now you have to convince them why they should work for you. An expert recruiting firm does many things well, not the least of which is recruiting. Providing a smooth process with a coherent message is one vital aspect of that process. Your niche recruiting partner will provide that process and provide candid feedback between you and the candidate ensuring that when the offer is extended there are no surprises for either party.
  1. Get back to business—Keeping a position open for an extended period of time is costly no matter the role. Open positions hamper productivity across the department and ultimately profitability. Partnering with a niche recruiting firm will keep your hiring time to a minimum, while ensuring you get the talent you need and your employee turnover stays low.

When you have an important position to fill, you want to fill it with the best candidate available in the shortest amount of time possible.  Learn how SCOPE Recruiting can help you find your next candiate.  

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