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Why Filling Supply Chain Jobs Quickly Is Vital to Your Bottom Line

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Open positions costs companies $160 billion every year in the United States. Supply chain management jobs are in high demand, and an empty desk will cost you money.

Learn how to find the right talent for your unfilled positions and increase your return on investment (ROI) quickly.

Supply Chain Management Jobs Need to be Filled

The supply chain management industry has become more complicated with automation, artificial intelligence, and keeping up with technology.

The global industry of supply chain is a $26 trillion per year industry. An industry this large will almost always have available positions that need to be filled.

Why are these jobs empty?

One reason is that the industry is changing so fast.

Another reason is employees need to develop new skills.

Employees in supply chain positions are expected to be much more capable than ever before, which creates a gap between talent and those who are qualified.

With these new demands in the changing industry, positions are left open and costing you money. How much money are you losing?

The Cost of Not Having Positions Filled

Unfilled positions cost an average of $407 a day. On average, positions take 63 days to be filled. These numbers mean $25,641 is lost within those 63 days.

The number of days it takes to fill a position has increased since 2010. Yet, there is a balance of hiring talented employees and just filling a position.

As a business, you want the best possible person for supply chain management jobs.

Yet, you cannot afford to take months or even a year to fill the position while trying to find the right person.

Taking too long can mean the loss of productivity. Yet, hiring the wrong person can put extra pressure on your current employees and cause loss of revenue.

How will you find the right person to fill your roles?

You Can Find the Right Talent

Try to be flexible when writing job descriptions. Writing a long list of unrealistic needs for one ideal candidate may turn good candidates away, even if they have what it takes to do the job.

Employee referral programs work well when filling supply chain management jobs. Create rewards for all levels of employees - administration, managers, skilled laborer - to participate in the program. Reward with money or an extra vacation day, something the employees will value.

Go to local colleges and talk to students about supply chain management. Make sure to talk about the growth potential it offers and how it can provide them with a stable job. The supply chain is not well known in the academic world, so getting out and talking to students can help.

Market your company and develop a brand. If no one knows who you are, how are they going to know if they want to work with you? Create marketing campaigns and marketing materials to highlight jobs and growth statistics.

A leadership development program within your company is a perfect way to attract new talent. It will also allow current employees to move up within the company. Many employees leave a job within the first few years for a pay raise or career growth. To combat this, train your current employees and promote from within.

If you are still not finding the right talent after trying these options, hire recruiters. Recruiters will find the right people for the positions you need filled in a timely manner. Since the position will be filled fast, you will see a reduction in revenue. Team morale will likely rise too with a skilled manager at the helm.

Once you hire the best talent, keep them working within your company.

Employee Retention

Empty positions at your company can cause stress on current employees. Once you fill all your supply chain management jobs, make sure to support your employees.

Engage your employees by immersing them in the culture and allowing them to be productive within the company. The faster a new hire understands their roles and responsibilities, the faster they will be engaged in their position. Furthermore, help them understand the core goals of the company so employees can meet them.

Introduce employees to their team. Educate them on who to go to when things go wrong. If an employee does not know where to turn with a problem, they will feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and ultimately less productive.

Provide reviews at regular intervals. It doesn't matter if it's 30, 60, or 90, but it should be consistent and thorough.

Check-in with your employees from time to time. Show them your support them in their roles.

The check-in should be done every so often and it is important to listen to the problems and provide solutions.

The Talent Is Out There

The talent for supply chain management jobs is out there and ready to fill the spots and keep you from losing revenue.

Once you find the right employees, make sure they stay by incorporating employee retention techniques. When you need help finding the right people for your company, call us, we are here to help you find top talent in your area!

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