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Ways to Wow the Recruiter

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Recruiters are a notoriously tough bunch to impress. To them, you are just another candidate in a sea of candidates looking to please them and since many recruiters will see hundreds, even thousands of applicants in a year sometimes, that means that you need to work really hard to stand out and impress them -which I’m sure you’ll agree is no mean feat. That being said, it is far from impossible either, and if you are really determined to do so, there is no reason why you should not be able to wow the recruiter who’s handling your application.

How can you blow the recruiter away? The following will certainly help:

Write an Amazing Cover Letter

Most resumes are pretty uniform and it’s likely that other candidates applying for the same role as you will have similar skills and experience presented on there, so if you want to stand out, you need to write a cover letter. Not only that, but you need to use that cover letter to get across why you are perfect for the job and all those other candidates are, lay out your passion the life experiences that make you the perfect fit and let some of your personality shine through and you should at the very least make it through to the interview stage.

Achieve Results Before You’re Even Employed

If you want to really wow the recruiter(s), then you should aim to impress them in any way you can before the final decision is made. A good example of this would be, if you’re applying for a job as a social media manager, to work your skills to get many more people to follow and engage with the company you are applying to. Once they see that you can do your job, and do it well, how could they fail to be impressed, and more importantly give you the job?

Ask Impressive Follow-Up Questions

Asking the recruiter a few questions to show that you’re really interested in the position and the work the company does is never a bad idea when you’re looking to impress, but if you want to really blow them away, it’s even better to ask really technical questions that show you are skilled to a high level and would readily fit into the role without too much training and upheaval.

Use Their Name

A quick trick that can work wonders in wowing recruiters is to use their names often during the interview process. If you do that, you will build more of a personal relationship with them and you’ll stand out from the candidates who are a bit more formal. Obviously only do this if it feels right because there are some companies where you can never be too formal, but if it feels okay, go ahead.

Send Thank You Notes

Sending a nice personalized thank you note to the recruiter after your initial interview is a great way to get their attention and show them that you are a friendly attentive person. If you can handwrite the notes, then that will go even more in your favor and it’s such a simple thing to do.

What is the one thing you do to wow recruiters when looking for work?

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