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Unfortunate Errors Managers Make During The Hiring Process

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Getting the right people in the right roles is essential to the success of your business. However, the process of doing this can be anything but easy. In fact, there are some fairly common errors that managers in charge of recruitment make that can mean you end up with a new employee that isn't the best fit. Just read the post below to find out what they are so you can avoid them with your business. 

They rush it 

One major issue that a lot of managers have is that they are so desperate to fill the position that they metaphorically bite off the hand of any applicant that enquires.

Yes, we know how problematic it can be when you are working with less staff than you need, and that it can cause delays and heap extra work on other employees head’s. However, sometimes it can be useful to get in some temporary workers via an agency like Pure Staff as an interim measure. Then you have more time to look for the perfect long-term person, and who knows, maybe even one of the temps will prove to be a good fit for the long term too?


They rely too heavily on psychometric testing

Managers in charge of recruitment also need to be wary of over-reliance on psychometric testing during the recruitment process. There are two reasons for this.

This first is that while psychometric testing such as the MBTI scale can be very useful as an initial screening tool it only really tells half the picture. After all, people aren’t only their personality type, they are rich and complex individuals, and even ones that share the same coding can react in very different ways to stress and pressure.

It is also worthwhile knowing that because so many companies use psychometric testing as a recruitment tactic, many of those applying have become wise to the test. This means they know how to answer the questions to appear to be one coding when in fact they are naturally another. After all, it's not that hard to guess that in a retail role they don't want people that are happiest working alone and dislike interacting with people. An issue that can make these test untenable and next to useless when recruiting your next permanent employees.


They write awful job specs

Now, imagine that you are someone looking for a new job, would you apply to the company that has a poorly laid out and spelled description, or one that seems to have their act together? I know which one I would rather choose.

Bad job specs can mean your company is overlooked in the job search process.

That is why it is important to create a well structured and well-written job description for the advert you will be using. You want it to be clear and reasonable sounding too. Otherwise, you could well be sending out the wrong message about the standards of work expected in your business, even before your new employees have got through the door for the interview. A situation that will do you no favors in terms of recruitment in the long-run.


If you are looking for support with your hiring needs or putting together a job description that will attract top talent don't hesitate to contact us directly. 

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