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How To Spot The Ideal Employee A Mile Off

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If you’re looking for a new employee, then you want to make sure you choose the ideal person for the role. Rather than choosing somebody less than ideal so you don’t have to pay them as much, choosing somebody who is worth a little extra expense could do your business the world of good (although there are exceptions).

Read on for some pointers that will help you to spot the ideal employee a mile off:

They Are Both Confident And Humble

The interview process is where you really get an idea of what a person is truly like. You get to meet them, see if you gel with them, and whether they gel with the rest of your team. You get to ask them about their achievements, and you should get a good idea of whether they are liars or total narcissists. The ideal employee will be both confident and humble. While you want somebody who is proud of their achievements, you don’t want them to brag every second of every day. The rest of your team won’t appreciate that.

They Work On Themselves

The ideal employee won’t wait for you to purchase courses to help them improve their knowledge and skills. They will set out to teach themselves new skills so they can stay ahead of the market. For example, they may know some advantages of spread betting if you are hiring in a financial role. Asking questions will give you a good idea of how passionate about the industry and role they truly are. If they take the time to learn in their own time, it’s a good sign.

They Have A Positive Outlook

A positive outlook is key to achieving a lot of things. They don’t necessarily have to be an all singing all dancing Pollyanna, but they should have a positive mindset and outlook as this will help them to keep on moving forward, finding solutions rather than problems.

Their Personality Fits In With The Company Culture

Experience isn’t always necessary, and qualifications are beneficial, but again, not necessary in all industries and roles. You want to get a good idea of whether their personality fits in with the company culture. This will make it a much more pleasant place to work.  

They Are Flexible

Flexibility could mean covering for others when sick, or being willing to go on work trips.

They Have Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are key in any role. They will help your new employee to build relationships with others employees, and keep customers and clients engaged.

On top of all of this, if they remain respectful throughout the interview process, you can pretty much guarantee you’ve found a brilliant employee that will fit in with your company perfectly. Just be sure you do all of the necessary background checks and research so you can have peace of mind that they are who they say they are and that they aren't lying through their teeth to land the role. Your gut instinct is rarely wrong in instances like this, so do your best to listen to it if you’re unsure.

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