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Career Versus Personality: They Can Be One Of The Same Thing

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Not all of us have been fortunate enough to know what we want to do in terms of a career. We can often feel like we don’t really know where are skills lie best at school, and so to make a decision about qualifications there and then can be difficult. But once we gain a bit of life and work experience, you may find that you are still a little clueless, but perhaps in a better position to make some final decisions. Your personality could be a great source of inspiration for the type of career you may be best suited to, here are some suggestions to help the thought process begin for you.


Are you a caring person?

Maybe you know that at heart you are a caring person. Always wanting to help people, being the one people call when they are in need. This could be a great attribute for many careers. Perhaps nursing or working in the health sector, taking qualifications in counselling and helping people with mental health, or working in social care when taking on an online masters in social work program could be beneficial. There are many ways that a caring personality trait will help you in a career option, it is something that not all of us have in great quantities, so make the most of it.

Do you take pride in your appearance?

Are you one of those people that really takes pride in their appearance? Perhaps you always like to have your hair done, or you have a flare for making it look fantastic. Maybe your nails are always manicured, your tan is always topped up, or your simply just like to keep things in check like waxing and facials. Then perhaps a career in beauty or hairdressing is for you. It may already be something that you are interested in, which will help you to build up you confidence in helping others achieve the looks and confidence they are hoping to achieve.

Are you passionate about health and fitness?

Maybe you are passionate about being fit and healthy. Perhaps you like to exercise, maybe you like the keeping fit, or taking good care of yourself. Then perhaps a career in health and fitness could be the one for you. It could be that you train to become a personal trainer, and look into working in a gym, or even setting up your own workout classes locally. It could be a great way to have a career that you feel passionate about. 

Do you have digital skills worth capitalizing on?

Maybe you like the idea of taking advantage of digital skills that you have learned. You may have started a blog and decided that now you want to turn it into a business, or you may like to choose to take those skills that you have learnt and work for a digital agency or become a freelance blog writer. Perhaps you have great skills in social media, and now may like to work as a social media manager for businesses. There are so many more opportunities in the digital world these days that it is a feast paced environment.

Let’s hope these options give you something to think about when it comes to your career and personality traits.

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