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4 Interview Questions to Hire the Right Leader

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In the Supply Chain and Operations industry, a leader can make or break the success and culture of a supply chain organization or manufacturing/distribution environment. These questions will help you to assess candidates for your next leadership hire.

1. What is your proudest leadership moment?

This question will provide great insight into an employees’ values and leadership style, and you can assess if it aligns with your organization’s values. Do they provide an example of a very people centric situation, a number driven leadership moment, or perhaps something entirely different? Follow up with questions around how they accomplished the specific result. 

2. How do you provide feedback and develop your team?

A new leader can have a major impact on your current employees’ retention and development. Asking how they manage and develop their teams will give insight how well they align with your organization’s philosophy. The right individual who can successfully manage and develop their employees, can create a whole new wave of leaders for your organization.

 3. How have you successfully led a change management initiative?

This comes back to Point #1 of not selling yourself short. After you are established in your career you can leave off internships, summer jobs, and non-relevant roles; but be sure to include positions you have had within the Supply Chain and Operations field. For your most recent roles within the last 10 years, make sure to provide thorough details on the scope of responsibilities and accomplishments. You can leave less details on roles beyond 10+ years, but be sure to include the major accomplishments that would be a benefit to the role are applying for. For the sake of keeping your resume around 2 pages, it is OK to condense your earlier roles at the same company such as “ABC Company – Buyer, Sr. Buyer, and Purchasing Analyst 2000-2005” and summarize your total experience and accomplishments during that time frame.

 4.  Describe a time you failed as a leader or manager?

This question will give you a well-rounded view of your candidates and provide insight into how well they recognize their flaws and shortcomings. Ask the follow up question of “In hindsight, how would you manage the situation knowing what you do now?”

Interested to learn how our team of Supply Chain & Operations Recruiters can help finding leaders for your open positions?


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