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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving For A Job

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Sometimes in life, you come to a crossroads and you have to make some big decisions about your future. Being offered a job in a different city is one of those times. Do you move halfway across the country or even the world for your career or do you stay and see if you can find other opportunities? It’s such a big decision to make and there are so many things to consider outside of the job itself. You need to think about friends and family that are in the area and whether you want to leave them behind, if you’re in a relationship you also need to consider your partner as well. You should also think about the actual logistics of moving for work as well because it’s not going to be an easy feat. Weighing up all of these different things is tough and sometimes, people don’t know where to start when making this kind of decision. If you’re trying to decide whether to move for a job or not, these are some important things to consider. 

Is It The Best Way To Advance Your Career?

If you’re considering moving for work, it’s likely that advancing your career is the main reason for it, but you’ve got to ask yourself whether it’s really the best or only way to move forward for you right now. In some situations, it’s clearly the best option; take the Linda Lind story, for example. She is a Swedish born musician that found success after moving to LA to pursue her career. In that situation, it was the best option because there are a lot more opportunities for a global music career to be found there. However, it’s not always that clear cut. Could you potentially find a similar role in your current city or even look for promotions at the company you’re with now? Is the new job enough of a step up to justify the move? Before you decide to move long distance for a job, you should always consider whether there are options closer to home. 

Do You Want To Live In The New City? 

This seems like an obvious question but it’s one that people forget. Even if the job is amazing, do you actually want to live in this new city? So many people get caught up thinking about how much they want the job that they forget about their life outside work. You need to visit the city a few times and get to know it a bit so you can make an informed decision about whether you’re willing to live there or not.

What Will Your Partner Do? 

If you’re in a relationship, you need to think about what your partner is going to do if you move. Will they be able to get a new job in their chosen industry out there? Will they have to take a step backward in their career in order for you to move forward in yours? You need to discuss it together and work out what is best for both of you, not just what is best for you. 

Asking yourself these questions should help to put things into perspective a bit more and hopefully make it easier to come to the right decision. 

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