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Advancing Your Career: College Isn't The Only Option

Posted on


If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything about our careers, it's that there's no time for standing still. While many people are, understandably, feeling sorry for themselves, this is the perfect time to go and make this happen. 

Thankfully, there are many ways to advance your career without heading back to college. So, you can continue to satisfy the financial demands of modern life while continuing to step up the ladder. Here's how:


1) Network

It's the oldest cliché in the book, but who you know is often more important than what you know. As such, the value of an extensive network of high-quality contacts cannot be ignored. Attending business events, joining LinkedIn, and generally taking a proactive approach will serve you well. In turn, it can help you learn about new positions and maybe even get you headhunted.

There are two key features for mastering this path to a better career. Firstly, you need to stay relevant and prevent any threat of your face being forgotten. Secondly, you'll need to show contacts that your business relationships are mutually beneficial. After all, your input will often determine the output.


2) Take Courses

College or university isn't necessarily the right option for boosting your career. However, education is still an essential ingredient in the recipe for success. Maybe you're a laborer looking at gaining working at heights safety certification. Or perhaps you're a shop floor worker that can develop better client care skills. Either way, education can take many forms, and will open up new doors.

Aside from boosting your future job applications, fresh skills also give you an increased sense of confidence. Moreover, it prevents any gaps from occurring over time, ensuring that you remain a relevant candidate. For all future applications.


3) Seek Internal Promotions

Climbing the career ladder doesn't always mean stepping onto a new one. In many cases, you can get to your desired level simply by chasing internal promotions. Showing your boss that you are serious about working in a managerial role is an essential first step. If they do not take note, you'll know that it's time to look elsewhere. Either way, this clarity can have a big influence on your life.

An internal promotion will bring many benefits from a perspective of convenience. There will be no need to change location, undergo onboarding, or meet new bosses. Better still, your existing reputation should serve you well throughout the transitional period.


4) Start A Business

If the opportunities won't present themselves to you, why not create them? Starting a business on the side of your standard job removes many of the pressures. While it may be tempting to chase money, it's probably best to work on something you feel passionate about. This love of the work will shine through to drive you through tough moments. Moreover, it'll influence client reactions.

The startup could be your ticket to greater financial security. It'll simultaneously putting destiny in your hands. If you love the thought of doing things your way and creating a legacy, this is arguably the best way to do it. It's cheaper than a degree too.

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