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3 Strategies To Become More Fulfilled In Your Profession

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Are you happy where you work? Does your boss listen to what you say? Do you find your colleagues are collaborative more than they are combative? Do you feel as if you’re in a relevant role in your industry? The chances of you answering positively to all these and similar questions are highly improbable. Most people find that they are not always getting along with their colleagues. Many people believe that their boss not only ignores them but doesn’t care about them. In every industry, every sector, there are hundreds of millions of people that don’t feel as if they’re getting the most out of their profession. It becomes difficult to put any sort of passion for your work. Slowly but surely, you begin to fall out of love with the industry because of other factors than the industry itself. This should never ever be the case. Finding fulfilment in your role is by no means impossible. 

Scared to jump ship?

One of the core reasons people stay at a job they dislike is because the fear of the unknown holds them back. The fear of not finding a better job and company to work for is a deflating morale concern. We become comfortable with where we are, even if we’re not really happy. Complacency within our own minds takes hold and remaining stationary seems a lot easier than having to start looking for another job. Remember, in the professional world, no one is holding you back but yourself. What’s stopping you from jumping ship? If you’re not being appreciated at your current job, you can take great assurance that another company somewhere will. 

Yet on the other hand, if you’re going to make the leap to another ship, you have to be willing to make some sacrifices. Are you ready to relocate? We can’t have your cake and eat it, if you have the prospect of leaving for a better job, you might need to pack up your whole life and move. The first step is to find a recruitment agency that can do all the searching on your behalf. Looking for work, sending out resumes, replying to emails and working full-time can be stressful. So allowing a professional agency to find you the kind of role you would like, is going to significantly speed up the process.

Become more knowledgeable 

Increasing your knowledge of the profession you love is a long road but ultimately perhaps the most powerful way to become more fulfilled in your line of work. Take for example the Norwich University Masters of Arts in History. One of the modules will cover the huge financial cost of war and the impact it had and is still having on nations today. Quite clearly, this would help you learn about large-scale and long-term financial decisions that balance the need for necessary action and accountability. If you are an accounting professional or perhaps a financial planner, this kind of qualification would be extremely helpful. Expanding your knowledge of history regarding not just your industry but the wider world that pertains to your industry, you would be able to make much more detailed reports and arguments for the decisions you want to make. With an increase in historical knowledge, your daily work will have a pinned and tangible point of truth.

Take command of your interests

Why should your work have to stop when you come home from work? That’s probably not what most people want to be asked. But think about it. What part of your profession do you really love and can’t stop obsessing about? Maybe you’re a marketing specialist at work, but the types of subjects you’re working on at your 9-to-5 don’t cover the subjects you would like to explore. In that case, you should begin your own projects while simultaneously looking for a publisher which will publish your writings. You could become a writer for Forbes or Entrepreneur in your spare time, or perhaps become an advisor to a public body. Doing interviews with the media would allow you to spread your thoughts and professional opinion on where your industry is headed. Not only would you be leading a more fulfilled role in the industry but you would be carving out your own brand allows you to one day have more professional independence.

Fulfilment at work is a heavily debated topic. It's something that most people deal with as many people would like to be more involved in their profession. Don’t wait for anyone to tell you what to do, when you get home from work, get writing and exploring the subjects in your industry you’re really interested. 

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