Specialized Manufacturing Recruiters

We specialize in the permanent placement of full-time operations and manufacturing professionals for small to Fortune 500 companies. 

Our team understands the manufacturing process from start to finish, and we know the challenges and difficulties organizations face to maintain their competitiveness. Many manufacturing companies have turned to continuous improvement efforts like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing and look for external talent to engage in and advance these initiatives.


We help organizations find highly qualified operations talent ranging from maintenance supervisors to multi-site operations leaders and every position in-between. Our industry background and recruiting expertise allows us to match your company with the best candidates in the market. 

Manufacturing recruitment has never been more imperative, and the talent marketplace is both global and competitive in scope.

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Below are some of the roles we recruit for


Supply Chain Manager VP / Director of Operations

Supply Chain Manager Maintenance Manager / Supervisor

Supply Chain Manager Plant Manager

Supply Chain Manager Production Manager / Supervisor

Supply Chain Manager Manufacturing Engineers

Supply Chain Manager Continuous Improvement Manager

Supply Chain Manager Lean / Six Sigma Project Manager

Supply Chain Manager Quality Engineers

Supply Chain Manager Product Manager

Supply Chain Manager Mechanical Engineers



Why Work With a Specialized Operations Recruiter?

SCOPE Recruiting will help you clearly define the requirements and expectations for your position. Our recruiters stay on top of current manufacturing trends and developments, allowing us to provide valuable insight regarding the job market, trends, candidates and just about anything else relevant to your search.

The majority of top operations professionals are not active in the job market. That means you need to know how to identify and reach those candidates. Our recruiters specialize in identifying passive candidates and have developed strategies on how to reach them. In fact, many are already part of our database and networks.

Our process is built to attract the most qualified and sought after candidates to your organization. Our manufacturing recruiters worked directly in the operations sector before joining SCOPE Recruiting, and this industry expertise translates into high-quality candidate shortlists and more successful recruitment outcomes.

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Industries Our Manufacturing Recruiters Serve

We offer manufacturing recruitment services for full-time positions across a wide variety of industries. Our specialized operations recruiters have a minimum of 5 years industry experience which enables them to offer insightful, informed recruitment advice.

We focuses on finding highly qualified candidates primarily in the areas of the Industrial, Manufacturing, Electrical, and Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical fields. Our operations recruiters have been successful in finding candidates who have backgrounds involving Lean and Six Sigma training, CAD systems, Certified Quality Engineer, Professional Engineer, PMP or specific industry backgrounds. 

Below are some of the major industries SCOPE Recruiting has successfully placed high impact candidates in: 

Supply Chain Manager Food & Beverage / Pharmaceutical 

Supply Chain Manager Industrial Manufacturing

Supply Chain Manager Consumer Goods

Supply Chain Manager Automotive

Supply Chain Manager Aerospace & Defense



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