Top Supply Chain Talent: What They Seek in Potential Employers

This article highlights key elements that top supply chain professionals are currently looking for in a potential new employer.
Top Supply Chain Talent: What They Seek in Potential Employers

The supply chain industry is critical to the global economy and has evolved significantly in recent years. Alongside this transformation, the profile of top supply chain talent has shifted. The new generation of supply chain professionals are seeking not only attractive compensation packages, but also unique, dynamic factors that resonate with their professional goals and personal values.

To successfully attract and retain this top talent, employers need to recognize and respond to these evolving expectations. This article highlights key elements that top supply chain professionals are currently looking for in a potential new employer.


1. Commitment to Innovation and Technology

Supply chain and logistics operations are being revolutionized by technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, and blockchain. Top supply chain talent is typically excited about these advancements and want to be at the forefront of implementing them. They look for companies that are investing in state-of-the-art technology, innovation, and digital transformation, which not only enrich their work experience but also enhance their skillsets and market value.


2. Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Increasing awareness of environmental issues and corporate social responsibility has significantly influenced the preferences of supply chain professionals. They are now more attracted to organizations that demonstrate sustainable and ethical supply chain practices. This includes everything from carbon footprint reduction and waste minimization to ethical sourcing and fair trade policies.


3. Leadership and Career Development Opportunities

Top talents want more than just a job - they want a clear path for career progression. They look for employers that provide opportunities for leadership development, continuous learning, and advancement within the organization. Companies that offer mentoring programs, professional development courses, cross-functional projects, and clear succession planning are particularly attractive.


4. Competitive Compensation and Benefits

While not the sole determinant, compensation remains a significant factor in job choice. Top talents expect competitive salaries, but also look for comprehensive benefits packages. This includes health insurance, retirement plans, performance bonuses, and other perks like childcare support or gym memberships.


5. Strong Company Culture

Culture fit is a critical consideration for top supply chain talent. They are attracted to organizations that have a strong, positive culture defined by values such as integrity, transparency, diversity, and collaboration. They also prefer workplaces that foster teamwork, encourage open communication, and appreciate employee contributions. They value employers who actively promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in their recruitment, retention, and promotion practices. This also extends to a respect for work-life balance, and a culture that supports flexibility and hybrid working options.


6. Resilience and Agility

In a world of ever-increasing complexity and volatility, supply chain professionals value employers who demonstrate resilience and agility. They look for organizations that are well-prepared to manage and adapt to disruptions, whether they are caused by global pandemics, geopolitical tensions, natural disasters, or market fluctuations.


In summary, the expectations of top supply chain talent have evolved beyond traditional factors such as compensation and job stability. Today's supply chain professionals are looking for employers who provide a technologically advanced, sustainable, diverse, and inclusive work environment, with strong opportunities for career advancement, competitive benefits, and a resilient, agile business model. Companies that recognize and respond to these expectations are well-placed to attract and retain the industry's best talent.


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Friddy Hoegener


18 May 2023

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