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4 Things To Consider Before And After Isolation Ends

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Are you currently in lockdown wondering what you can do to strengthen or even protect the longevity of your career? There is likely to be a lot of things on your mind right now due to the pandemic, including protecting your personal health. However, you can not afford to forget about your career. So, let’s look at some of the key factors that you must keep in mind here, even during the lockdown and especially once it begins to lift. 


Boosting Your Employability 

By the end of the lockdown, unemployment may soar to an unprecedented level comparable only perhaps to the great depression. Unfortunately, this does mean that there is going to be an extreme level of competition on the job market with millions pursuing jobs in the same sectors and industries. Indeed, while many employees are furloughed right now, there is a warranted concern that many will ultimately be let go. 

Businesses will need to tighten their belts through the later months of this pandemic. The government, while providing support right now, won’t be able to sustain the economy forever. This is why it’s important that you work to improve your hireability. You might think that this will be impossible to do during a lockdown but there are options available to you. 

For instance, you may want to explore online courses and qualifications. These are available in every sector including online TABC certification which will be ideal for those planning to work in the hospitality sector. Once you start researching, you will discover options here. 

You can also consider working to improve your personal brand online. One of the easiest ways to beat the job market rush is to ensure that employers can find you rather than you finding them. 


Health And Safety 

Health and safety will certainly be a key concern as we begin to emerge from lockdown and the economy gets back in gear. It will be important for businesses to take the right measures to protect their workers. Social distancing will still need to be in place for both staff and customers. However, it’s true to say that not all companies and businesses will be equal in the measures that they put in place. Some likely will fall short in terms of protecting their staff and their key workers. We have already seen this occur through the lockdown with numerous brands and businesses criticized by the public. 

As an employee, you will need to take action if your business is failing to protect the health of both you and your colleagues. You will also need to consider whether you want to work for a business that is not taking health and safety as seriously as they should be. It will be crucial to ensure that business owners are held accountable in this regard. 


The Right Sectors 

It’s fair to say that some sectors are going to emerge from the lockdown in a healthier position than others. For instance, there will definitely be a demand for logistics companies. Logistics businesses are going to be essential and deliveries of all products are already in a higher demand because people are staying at home. At the same time, it has become vital to keep supply chains operating effectively and logistic companies have a key role to play here. 

Of course, there are other sectors that are also going to see a high level of demand when the economy wheels start to turn again. Retail stores are probably going to need more staff to cope with what is sure to be high demand as customers rush to buy things that they were unable to through lockdown. There are also campaigns to give retail workers a much-needed pay rise which is definitely going to increase the popularity of these types of positions. 


Get Ready For The Job Market

Finally, you should definitely be thinking about how to prepare yourself in case you do end up on the job market. The option we recommend here is to ensure that your resume is packing a punch. It needs to send the right message and be able to attract the attention that you need. Remember, most people will only spend about six seconds looking through your resume. If you don’t make it hard-hitting and to the point, with the right details it will get lost in the shuffle. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key ways that you can support your career and yourself both during and after the period of isolation ends. It’s important to not lose track of your career goals, even though things might seem stagnant right now. 

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