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VP of Operations

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Scope Recruitment 26/04/2018
Position: Location: Sector:
VP of Operations
Austin, AZ Huntsville 3001 9th Ave SW Alabama 35805
0000-03-01 Distribution & Warehousing


At Benitago we believe that the big conglomerates are outdated and don’t know how to serve consumers online. We can do better. We build in-house, acquire, and grow brands that reach closer to consumers online. We do this by gathering extraordinary people, utilizing flexible capital, and technology to scale companies and solve real problems.

We’re a young and ambitious growth fund based in Austin, TX. We focus on fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) verticals such as beauty, health, and pet supplies with annual revenues below $10M.

We hire smart, capable, highly adaptable people who have a strong drive. Our culture is very collaborative, hard-working, friendly and flexible. Further information is available at


Benitago is looking for a driven professional to join our group as VP of Operations for one of our brands. The position is heavily entrepreneurial, resulting in a very steep learning curve, the opportunity to show your maximum potential, and the ability to drive direct impact on thousands of people’s everyday lives on a daily basis.


Supply Chain:

  • Create an inventory management system. This will be the main goal for your first months with us. Although we have a very simple supply chain, you’ll need to develop a system -- most likely in the form of an ERP -- that allows us to track our stock at any given point throughout the value chain. You’ll work collaboratively with the CFO to allow the system to recognize the costs and revenue accurately. We need full visibility of where every unit is, the cost to get it to that point, the time until it’s available for sale, the supplier terms on the unit, the total lead times, etc. You’ll be responsible for creating the workflows and SOPs for your Supply Chain team to enter the relevant data along the stock journey.

  • Create a supplier database. This can be integrated with our inventory system or kept separately. You’ll need to develop a workflow for every time a new supplier is added to our supply chain.

  • Create workflows for product ordering. You’ll need to develop a workflow to order new products or restock existing product lines based on the forecast and reorder amounts provided by Finance. The system must hold our suppliers accountable to our lead times and quality standards. The workflow must integrate with our inventory system.

  • Create a system to move inventory from our warehouses to FC. The system/workflow must determine when to ship goods from our China warehouse to our national warehouse (US or UK) and when to ship from our national warehouses to our fulfillment center partners (currently Amazon FBA).

Customer service:

  • Develop higher level customer service strategy (e.g. high vs low touch)

  • develop customer service ‘values’ that reps use as a guidance to communicate with customers, and hold reps accountable to that type of communication

  • Improve current customer service SOPs and systems (mainly email based, using Zendesk as of now) and build them for scale to 1,000 daily tickets across 5+ different brands in 5+ different languages:

  • improve the overall strategy (short, engagement-based vs. longer messaging automated)

  • manage the enhancement of the actual copy (or enhancing it yourself) used in the SOPs based on brand voice etc.

  • set up a resource database including info such as FAQ pages and product detail pages to make the entire customer service operation more efficient

  • create a system to constantly self-improve the workflows with every new boundary case

  • set up A/B testing systems to constantly improve customer messaging

  • improve the systems to include cost metrics of refunds etc. (how these can be attributed to different service reps, which reps are performing, etc …)

  • expand customer service touch points to phone/chat/messenger support if appropriate

  • Monitor customer service team performance by setting KPIs and adding a clear reporting structure

  • develop key customer satisfaction metrics KPI reporting structure (define NPS, SLAs goals and the reporting to track those)

  • Manage up to 5 customer service reps and hold them accountable to the established KPIs and to their execution

  • create a training database/program with videos etc. to facilitate the training of new customer service reps

  • answer escalated / boundary customer service questions and queries, and institute a threshold system such that cases are escalated above certain monetary values

  • Work closely with marketing team to test out new initiatives to increase customer post-purchase engagement & up-selling

  • create systems to keep the customer service reps informed of how to handle any ongoing and expired promotions

  • Develop a system to track customer complaints of product deficiencies, refunds & returns.

  • mediate any product quality problems identified by customer service with the supplier and resolve the quality issue

  • identify product development opportunities once the complaints are statistically significant


Happy customers who can buy products that are not out of stock. For this need: scalable (to 100m topline) supply chain and customer service workflows/systems, reporting structures that constantly show main KPIs, cost reduction (lead time, pricing & quality) in supply chain and success optimization (high NPS, etc.) in customer service

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