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Engagement and Retention Start Day One

Posted by SCOPE Recruiting on Jul 13, 2017 3:15:00 PM

Bringing in a new Supply Chain or Operations employee is a large investment to your business, and a successful onboarding process is an important facet in developing a strong relationship with the new employee. This leads directly to increased employee retention, employee satisfaction, and better performance—all critical areas in maintaining a successful Supply Chain and Operations team.

Take Care of Necessities

Send as much paperwork to the new hire ahead of time. For what can’t be sent in advance, ensure that it is ready to go on their first day of the job. This will allow for the employee to spend their first day learning about the organization, team, and role specifics.

Provide the Tools They Need

In addition to making sure your employee has their designated workspace, make sure their computer, phone, other technology needs, and necessary credentials are set-up or you have coordinated the set-up with your IT team. Go the extra mile to stock their desk with office supplies, PPE (as needed), and provide a welcome card from company leadership or their new team.

Show the Big Picture

Immerse the employee in the company’s culture. Teach them about the history, organizational structure, and products or services. Share the company’s direction and how their role will be able to impact that strategy.

Make It Personal

Meet the new employee when they arrive, and make formal introductions to their colleagues explaining each person’s role. Try to arrange lunches for their first week or few days – with their direct manager, with HR, and with several of their immediate colleagues. Throughout the first week, coordinate short introductions to important stake-holders and extended colleagues.

Create an Initial Schedule

Set a realistic task for the new employee to work on during their first few days and week. Keep them engaged with some useful work mixed in with necessary training. Create a schedule to provide them in advance with deadlines, meetings, and orientations. If they will be shadowing certain people in the Plant, Distribution Center, or office include those details as well. Defining expectations for the new-hires will calm their nerves and show the efficiency of your business.

Create Regular Check-Ins

Set reoccurring meetings to discuss their progress, address questions, and continue integrating them into the fold of ongoing activities and initiatives. Leave the door open for questions and continued immersion into the business.


Following these key pillars in your onboarding strategy will help shape the future or your organization's culture for years to come.


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How to impress your Supply Chain and Operations Candidates

Posted by SCOPE Recruiting on Jul 7, 2017 9:57:00 AM

Candidates aren’t the only ones that need to make a good impression during an interview. In today’s competitive Supply Chain & Operations recruiting market, it is critical that a company not only has a strong value proposition, but creates a positive interview experience for the candidates.

Creating a positive experience really comes down to focusing on 3 key areas – Consensus, Process, and Communication.

The quickest turn-off for a candidate is when they see a lack of consensus from the interview team. Before kicking off interviews for a role, the stakeholders should ensure that the hiring team has a clear understanding of the particular role, how it fits into the organization, and what key things they need for the candidate to be able to contribute.

During the consensus phase, interview teams should also formalize the interview process—defining the who/what/when of interview steps and what they should be assessing. By formalizing the process beforehand the total time and travel will be minimized for the candidates, and time and travel expense will be minimized for your organization as well. Skype or other video conferencing tools are a great supplement to an interview process, and can limit candidate traveling and expenses particularly for follow-up interviews or for interviewers based at other locations.

At least 3 days prior to an on-site interview, aim to provide the candidates an agenda which includes times, locations, and names and job titles of the interviewers. Share what interview format they should expect and if it will include any type of plant tour, personality analysis, or skills assessment. The candidates should be informed of any specific directions around parking or entrances, who to ask for upon arrival, if they need to wear any specific attire or bring safety gear, and have a contact’s phone number in case of travel issues or other circumstances.

Most importantly, maintain regularly communication to keep the candidates engaged. While coordination and feedback can be a slower process due to heavy travel schedules and busyness of the interviewers, maintain the priority of keeping candidates warm. A quick e-mail (even if it is “Still Waiting”) goes a long way in keeping a candidate engaged. Whether you move forward with a candidate or not, providing prompt and constructive feedback is important at every stage. Feedback is incredibly appreciated and leaves them with a positive impression of your organization.

If you aren’t already, aim to focus on these few areas when you kick of your next search. And remember, your Supply Chain & Operations Recruiting firm is a great resource to lean on to facilitate this process and keep communication flowing with your prospective candidates.


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How to Keep Your Supply Chain & Operations Employees Happy

Posted by SCOPE Recruiting on Jul 5, 2017 7:48:00 AM

A recent study conducted by Career Builder found that “nearly 60 percent of U.S. employers have job openings that stay vacant for 12 weeks or longer. The average cost HR managers say they incur for having extended job vacancies is more than $800,000 annually.”

Organizations with active employee retention strategies will face less of these vacancies and less of these costs. Here are eight tips to implement that will help to ensure your Supply Chain employees are around for many years.

Hire the Right Employees

Make the right hiring decisions on the front end. Look for Supply Chain and Operations candidates who are interested in growing with your company, and leaders who are able to develop your next wave of upcoming internal talent.  

Promote From Within

Create clear career road maps, specifying what employees need to do to achieve their next milestone. Provide them the development and feedback along the way to get there.

Have Flexibility

Much of today’s workforce has shown preference for flexible work environments. Consider offering a more flexible schedule, Summer hours, and the ability for work from home days.

Keep Your Compensation Competitive

Keep a tab on the Supply Chain industry and regional compensation figures. Most employees know they can earn between 10-20% more when moving to a new organization, so don’t let compensation hinder your ability to retain your top talent.

Train and Develop

Provide internal and external training and development opportunities to your employees. Not only will they feel valued, they’ll be able to apply new knowledge to your business.

Recognize Good Work

Praise in the form of thank you notes, recognition at companywide meetings, or spotlights in a newsletter to show appreciation for a job well done.

Provide Perks & Incentives

Consider offering perks and incentives. These can range from free or subsidized meals, child care, discounted gym memberships, employee appreciation events, and so many more.

Conduct Exit Interviews

Learn from the experience of employees’ departures, and try to gain valuable insight into their experience.



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