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Interview Prep Tips: How to Mentally Prepare for an Interview

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Did you know that only 2% of applicants make it to the interview stage? That means if you have been invited for an interview, you've already beat out 98% of your competition.

But now you have to beat out the other candidates that are equally impressive. Read on for the best interview prep tips to prepare mentally.

Plan What You Will Wear

Dress for success is more than just a cliche. Plan ahead what you will wear that looks conservative and professional.

Pay attention to detail and make sure your garments are wrinkle-free and without stains or missing buttons.

Once you have your outfit picked out, visualize yourself wearing it at the interview. Imagine yourself in those clothes as you complete the next interview preparation tips. 

Visualize Your Interview Step by Step

One of the secrets for how to prepare for an interview is to visualize each step of the way.

Imagine yourself getting to the interview location with plenty of time to spare. Visualize the waiting room and imagine yourself sitting there waiting with calm composure.

Think about the moment when the interviewer will approach you in the waiting room. Practice how you will stand up, smile and shake his or her hand.

Extend your hand and smile in a way that shows how interested you are in this position. Let that eagerness and energy transfer to the interviewer in those first few seconds.

Remember, you only have 7 seconds to make an impression. Use those first seconds wisely.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

It's a little-known secret the best candidate doesn't always get the job. Interviewers have to glean what kind of employee you will be based on your body language and answers to questions.

Many people lose out of job opportunities because they were too nervous or unprepared for an interview. A great resume is just the beginning.

It's stressful and scary, yes. But they asked you to meet with them for a reason. They think you may have what it takes to join their team.

Don't let self-doubt cripple you during the interview. Practice positive self-talk as you rehearse for the interview and in the real thing.

Say things like "I am excellent at problem-solving" or "I am a team player."

Limit Your Stress

The interview is stressful enough. Cut out any unnecessary stress on the day of your interview by planning ahead.

If possible, do a test run to see how long it will take you to get to the location. Figure out where to park or where the closest transit location is.

Leave earlier than necessary so that you are there 20 minutes early. Have your morning routine planned out and your outfit ready to go so that you reduce your stress.

Do deep breathing to calm your nerves. 

Picture yourself in the job

Positive visualization can boost your confidence during the interview. That can make a big difference in getting the job.

Imagine yourself the first day on the job sitting at your desk and talking to your coworkers. Envision yourself loving your job and being happy. This can go a long way in helping calm nerves and helping you project confidence.

Final Word on Interview Prep Tips

We hope these interview prep tips help you feel calm and ready for your interview. Remember, the interviewers want to find the best person for the job. Show them that it is you.

Next, check out these 3 suggestions for keeping your career moving forward.

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