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How to Do Well in an Interview- Here's 5 Tips You Should Follow

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On average, each corporate job advertisement attracts 250 resumes, but only four to six of those people will be invited to an interview.

If you're one of the lucky few then all that stands between you and your dream job is performing well during the interview process.

Here we reveal our top five tops on how to do well in an interview.

1. Prepare Thoroughly

Before your interview you should research the company. Go through their website and research their background, aims, products and client base.

Using this information and the requirements in the job posting, prepare answers to typical interview questions. Think about your strengths, weaknesses, experiences and future ambitions.

Then ask a friend to play the position of the interviewer so that you can practice your responses.

Also consider what things to bring to an interview. Print copies of your resume, references and any certificates you might need for the interview.

2. Dress Appropriately

Unless you're going for a job in the fashion industry, formal clothes in neutral colors are best.

A shirt and smart pants works well for men and women. And bring a jacket to slip on just before you get to the building.

Make sure all your clothes are well ironed too. And remember to do a last-minute check for stains or marks so you can change before you leave home if necessary.

3. Be Polite

From the moment you step into the building your behavior is open to judgement.

Be polite and friendly to reception staff and smile at any members of staff you see while you wait. And, if you haven't already, make sure to switch your phone off before you enter the interview room.

When you meet the interviewer or group of interviewers, smile and shake hands. If there is more than one interviewer, make eye contact with all of them throughout the interview.

And if you're offered water, it's best to accept the invitation as all that talking can make you thirsty. And, refusing can come across as rude, even if you were trying not to be any trouble.

4. Consider Your Answers

Interviews are nerve-wracking situations. As a result, some people can clam up and forget the answers they planned. For others, it can mean they ramble on and say too much.

When you're asked a difficult question, don't be afraid to take a moment before you answer. This shows that you're putting thought into your answer and also gives you time to think.

Sometimes interviewers can try to catch you out with an unexpected question or ask you to comment on your last employer. Your priority is how to sell yourself in an interview. But, you should never say anything negative about any previous companies, employers or colleagues.

Stick to the facts rather than opinions, and answer all questions fully and directly.

5. Listen and Ask Questions

Interviewees can get so caught up in what they plan to say that they can forget to listen when the interviewer speaks.

Often an interviewer will provide information about the company or the role throughout the interview.

This could include information that you may have mentally planned to ask about at the end of the interview. And the last thing you want to do is to ask a question that the interviewer has already covered.

Make sure you listen, or write notes if necessary. Then take the opportunity to ask any unanswered questions at the end.

Five Tips on How to Do Well in An Interview

Thanks to these tips on how to do well in an interview, you're sure to land your dream job in no time!

For more information on how to get the job of your dreams, contact us with any questions.

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