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DevOps is a multidisciplinary field that unionizes the people, process and products that deliver a quality end product to the end user. DevOps skills and people replace the old Development and Operations to now work together to share resources, practices and results. DevOps is an agile discipline that has agile planning, agile integration and delivery and monitoring of applications.

It stresses the culture of small teams who focus on different disciplines, who work with complete autonomy to show results of user’s experiences of their products. The entire point of a DevOps team is the experience of the end user and working to improve it.

To truly advance in the fast paced DevOps field, once has to have a mindset of growth and productivity. Everything they plan, hypothesize must be to gain better results. Observations in productions using telemetry methods carve out the path for result finding. The experiments are a bit of trial and error where entire hypothesis can be dumped once an error is revealed. But if evidence backs a hypothesis after observation, a team may use the finding for improvement of their product.

DevOps teams focus on mean time to mitigate (MTTM) and mean time to remediate (MTTR) to cut down the lengthy processes. DevOps teams move fast and understand effects.

DevOps Training For Career Building

DevOps aims to create an environment where the development, testing and releasing of software can happen in a fast manner. And to build an environment where this can happen rapidly, efficiently and reliably so scaling to become a larger enterprise can happen in a realistic way.

Software developers, project managers, IT managers, Development managers and architects can benefit from DevOps skills.

Microsoft offers courses in DevOps under its Microsoft Virtual Academy.  A brief overview of the courses is given on the website and several links to courses are given under the Microsoft Azure tab. Though an official course is not compiled as of yet, the links offered by the results on the page offer some key DevOps training videos and resources.

Several websites offer DevOps Training to help you advance in your career. Websites such as CBTnuggets offer several courses submitted by experts. The courses are offered under course title and number of videos offered by each submitter.  Though courses are not offered in order and anyone seeking DevOps Training may have to find their own way, the resources offered are very useful in DevOps training.

BilGinc is another website that offers training in DevOps and then tests the training of the users in several exams. The exams are taken according to the training one receives.

Microsoft has adapted agility and a DevOps culture into its search engine, Bing as they aim to convert ideas from the whiteboard to the implementation phase to the deployment face to the user in the fastest time manageable. This is a testament to the growing demands of a DevOps skilled developer and anyone in the IT industry looking for growth and certified

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