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Building a Brand That Attracts High Performing Employees

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For any size business, it can be hard finding top-notch talent. The biggest misconception is thinking that once you put out a job listing, people will flock to it.

In most cases, it doesn't happen like that. Over two-thirds of organizations hiring full-time have trouble getting applicants to apply.

Why is that?

To attract high performing employees, you need a solid brand. You need to know what your own business is all about. Then, people will start to learn about it as well.

Months later, they know about your products and services but now they want a great place to work. One where the morale will be high and there are plenty of benefits.

Curious to know how you can build a brand like that?

Read on to find out!

Have a Well Designed Website

Your website is often the first impression you make. If it's poorly designed, don't expect to get many applications in your inbox.

On the other hand, if it's informative and has a great design, people will gravitate towards your brand. High performing employees want to work at places they can be proud of.

You want them to gladly state that they work for you. And not have them feel embarrassed because your online presence is non-existent or your website is outdated.

When it comes to a recruitment page on your site, don't be stiff. It's okay to be playful.

Stating, "you'll be notified if you qualify" sounds harsh and uninviting. Instead, write a paragraph or two explaining why they'll want to apply.

Do you have donuts for everyone on Tuesday? Is the dress code is casual? Those are the things future employees want to know other than the tasks of the position.

Not everyone looking for a job will apply to all the ones they see. They'll go with the ones they can see themselves working for five years down the road.

Write Informative Job Descriptions

It's easy to name every task potential high performing employees will have to do. This often results in a long list that's boring to go through.

When you take the time to give insight into what a day in the office looks like, you'll find yourself with great candidates. You want to paint a picture and have them envision working for you.

Be as detailed as possible. Simply stating they'll be on the computer for hours won't cut it. Instead, you could say how they'll be on the computer completing creative tasks that'll increase business by 50%.

Anything that'll make the job seem enticing and not like a chore. You want them to apply because they like the sound of the job. Not because they feel that's the only opportunity they have.

Utilize Social Media to Find High Performing Employees

These days, who isn't on social media? As a small business, you should be too.

It's another great way to get your company out there for the world to see. You can connect with customers and potential candidates.

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow you to find applicants using hashtags. But it's all about knowing which ones to use effectively.

Hashtags like #jobopening or #designer are well-followed tags that'll lead potential employees to your doorstep. Or, in this case, your profile.

If you're looking for a specific role like designer then using the hashtag above will help you target those who consider themselves designers. Those that clearly state you're hiring will only better your chances of finding highly qualified applicants.

If you're still unsure about using social media, think of it this way: more and more people are treating certain platforms like their portfolio. You can find graphic designers on Instagram and future industry leaders on Twitter.

And you don't have to wait for them to reach out to you. If you see examples of work on a social media profile, reach out to them. If they're interested, they'll let you know.

Improve retention rates

Businesses that have high employee retention rates are likely to be a more appealing proposition for prospective employees than those with high turnover. As an employer, you can take steps to boost morale, create a positive culture and look after your team.

Work with an employment lawyer to draw up contracts and make sure you comply with rules and regulations, respect the rights of your employees and encourage inclusivity and diversity. Promote open communication, take feedback from your team on board and champion health and wellbeing initiatives. Listen to what your employees want and keep an eye on data related to employment and recruitment trends. More and more employees are prioritizing flexibility and work-life balance over salaries, for example.

Have a Clear Mission

You went into business for a reason, right? And that reason wasn't to find people to apply for your job listings.

It's to give people a first or second chance at a great opportunity. It's so you can build your company while also providing for others.

Or maybe it's because you can finally donate to the charities you support. Reasons that affect people's emotions are the best ones to have in your listings.

Take Bobs, for example. They donate a pair of shoes every time another pair is bought. They have that plastered on their marketing efforts and their recruitment page.

Again, it's a brand people are proud to work for. They know they're doing good for underprivileged children.

You want to explain the company culture and what your company stands for today. It should be more than you wanting to introduce a great product or service to the world.

People want to know how you're going to help them or how you're going to help others. High performing employees can get behind companies that support great causes and give back to their community.

Continue to Improve

How will you know what's working without consulting those that already work for you? They applied for a reason so why not ask?

Some may say it's because of the incentives and benefits. Others might say it's because of the creative freedom.

Whatever the reasons are, apply them to your current job listings. Have testimonials from happy employees. Candidates will see that and want to apply because they know other people are happily working for you.

Or, go to the office and take video for a day. You can then post it on your website and give everyone applying a peek of what life will be like working for you.

This can also give them a better idea of what they'll be doing. Be open and honest but also share what's great about working for your company.

Wrapping Up

Finding people you know will perform at their best can be a time-consuming process. To make that process easier, implement these tips so you can attract more candidates.

Don't have the time to do it yourself? Contact us today!

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