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5 Resume Best Practices That Employers Are Watching For

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If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well. That includes putting the time and effort in to sharpen up your resume.

Get it right, and you'll sail into an interview in no time, but get it wrong and you may end up getting rejected over and over again.

How can you catch the attention of a hiring manager? Here are our top five resume best practices which will help get you to the top of the pile.

  1. Chronology First

Order your work experiences from most to least recent. Recruiters will want to see your career path quickly.

Prioritize the content so your most important achievements come first. With each job you've held, break down your best accomplishments with examples.

You don't need to include every job you've ever had in your life. Once you've built up a solid career, you can leave out those holiday jobs.

  1. Customize Your Resume

Sending the same resume to every company that's hiring is a shotgun approach. Tailoring it takes more effort but can help you get that all important interview.

Research the company you want to work for and read the job description carefully. Work out what the organization wants, and then adapt your qualifications accordingly.

Making a kind of master resume which includes a list of everything you've ever done can be helpful. You can then select from it to make your resume a match for each job application.

  1. Accomplishments over Responsibilities

Underneath each job title you've had, don't only describe your responsibilities. Focus on what you achieved.

Quantify your achievements so that they are evidence-based. By providing measurable results, you'll leave a better impression.

Past performance is an indicator of future success. By detailing past successes, you'll demonstrate that you'll be as successful in the future.

  1. Use Keywords 

Include some of the same keywords that appear in the job descriptions.

Every recruiter looks for distinct keywords when they're checking a resume. Remember that a computer could be the one doing this first "interview". Many companies now automate their search for candidates.

Without using keywords, your application could get excluded before a person has even read it. 

Include keywords in your cover letter too. It's likely that someone will screen your cover letter as well.

  1. First Impressions Matter

Your resume needs to look sleek. A single page is usually best.

Check thoroughly for mistakes by proofreading it several times. Any spelling or grammatical errors will mean it will go straight into the trash. 

Use a basic and simple font so that it's easy to read. Get the format right with wide margins and clear headings.

Keep it uncluttered. Bullet points and short paragraphs will help.

Use Our Guide to Resume Best Practices

We're here to assist you in getting your dream job. By following our resume best practices guide you'll be heading in the right direction.

We are experts at helping you get noticed by employers. Get in touch if you need help putting together a winning resume. 

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