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Why School Leavers Are Attracted To Apprenticeships

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We have undoubtedly entered the age of apprenticeships. University degrees are being shunned by students with outstanding academic performance. Instead, they are looking towards apprenticeship opportunities in order to get their foot in the door of a successful career path. In fact, recent research shows that more than 50 per cent of current university students stated that they wished they had taken an apprenticeship instead. So, what is it that’s making school leavers do a U-turn and reject the possibility of a bachelor’s degree for an apprenticeship instead?

Increased number and diversification of apprenticeship opportunities 

One of the reasons why apprenticeships are flourishing is because there is a growing number of opportunities on offer. Not only is the quantity increasing, but more and more industries are embracing the traineeship option. This includes everything from legal firms, to IT companies, to financial institutions. For the latter, Hotspotfinance reveals more about making it in accounting management. Let’s delve a little bit deeper into the latter option. Finance is not something you would typically associate with an apprentice. However, firms ranging from M&G Investments to Henderson, to Pension Insurance Corporation, to Standard Life Investments, are aiming to give school leavers the ‘earn as you learn’ opportunity. 

High entrance criteria 

Many people seem to hold the viewpoint that “anybody can get a university degree nowadays”. Obviously, this is not a literal fact, however, there is an increased number of individuals acquiring degrees as the entry levels at a lot of higher education institutions have fallen. In the eyes of some, this means that their worth has diminished too. However, the entry levels for apprenticeships are high. 

A more effective method of learning?

This is clearly a matter of opinion. However, many believe that learning on the job is much more beneficial as they perfect the skills they are going to be utilising for the rest of their working life. There are many individuals who go to university and leave with a brain full of the theory yet no idea regarding how to put it into practice. 

Money matters

Unquestionably one of the main reasons why people are choosing apprenticeships is to avoid the costs of university. At university, you have to deal with extortionate education fees and rising living costs, and most young adults end up having to seek a part-time job on top of their studies. School leavers are questioning whether it is really worth the money when there are other options available?

The perks of being a graduate have diminished

Traditionally people opted for university courses because it was pretty much certain that they would have a better chance of getting a job and a higher salary in comparison to non-graduates. This no longer seems to be the case.

The potential for an immediate job at the end of the apprenticeship

And finally, if an apprentice impresses then they know there is every chance the company may employ them properly once the learning period is over. This is an increased incentive and gives individuals more drive because they know they are working towards a clear goal.


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