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Upcoming Hiring and Recruiting Trends for 2021

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As technology advances, businesses are continually adapting processes. The area of human resources is no exception. New technologies and trends are changing the way companies recruit and hire. So what are the expected HR trends in 2021? Read on.


Employer Branding 

Why is employer branding important for hiring? Employer branding means developing your company’s reputation and popularity. A strong brand can help attract and retain a highly talented team.

This strategy is also related to the quality of your employee value proposition (EVP). EVP refers to the benefits your company offers its personnel. The better your EVP, the higher your chance of retaining the best talent.

When your company is well-known and has a good reputation, you’ll receive a higher number of qualified applicants. It also helps reduce the per-candidate hiring costs.

Research has shown that 75% of job seekers take employer brand into consideration when applying. Consequently, a business with a bad reputation can lose many potential candidates.


Hiring for Soft Skills

With the increase in automation of many sectors, many jobs will no longer be necessary. However, employees who have essential soft skills will be able to guarantee their jobs.

It is estimated that about two-thirds of new jobs from now on will depend mostly on soft skills. These are abilities like communication, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Projections show that in the next ten years, the need for social skills in the workplace will increase significantly. The estimated growth in this demand is 22% in Europe and 26% in the United States. Thus, recruiters are already focusing more on these soft skills during the hiring process.


Automation and AI

Automating portions of the recruiting and hiring process can save your business a great deal of time. Human resources information services (HRIS) can streamline your recruiting process.

Tools from some of the best vendors like the ones featured here can offer your business automated solutions for human resources. They include the automation of timekeeping as well as payroll processing. 

Other applications can streamline the process of finding, attracting, and engaging candidates during the hiring process. They can eliminate time wasted on tasks that could be automated. As a result, your recruitment process becomes more efficient.

Artificial intelligence (AI) also contributes to automation and can give the candidate a better experience. One example is the use of chatbots to engage potential candidates by pre-screening them. Chatbots can also schedule interviews and help with the onboarding process.


Talent Pools

Building talent pools can help reduce the costs of recruitment and reduce time-to-hire. Talent pools also enable a company to keep an eye on candidates for anticipated needs in the future.

The use of internal talent pools can increase employee loyalty. When you offer positions to your own staff first, they will feel valued. When using this strategy, make sure it also results in a pay increase for the person hired.

External talent pools are also critical. Businesses need to look both inside and outside the organization to find qualified employees.

Keep a database of people interested in working for your company to maintain an external talent pool. You can start with candidates who applied and weren’t the right fit for previous job openings.

You may want to include former employees and people with specific expertise. You can also engage students in fields related to your industry.

Keep in touch with your external talent pool, providing them with content relevant to them. Maintain contact with them regarding new job openings they may be interested in.


Social Recruiting

Social recruiting involves using social networks to find and attract talented professionals. One benefit of social media is the opportunity for individual engagement, which can help candidates feel valued.

How can you use social recruiting? It goes beyond only posting job opportunities on social media. You can search for candidates with the right profile to meet your needs. Then you can engage them and guide them toward getting to know your company.

After you’ve built a relationship with them, you can invite them to join your team. To successfully use social media for recruiting, you’ll need to have a dependable social media management software.


Candidate Relationship Management

You probably know CRM as customer relationship management, but there is another CRM that relates to HR. It is candidate relationship management. 

This strategy helps address the issue of attracting talent. CRM allows employers to build stronger relationships with candidates they hope to hire. It can also help expand talent pools.

CRM has been shown effective when used with previous, existing, and potential candidates. A business can use recruitment marketing tools to send prospect-centered email campaigns to engage these talents.

The principle of CRM is that candidates are treated as highly-esteemed “internal customers.” Putting this theory into practice can significantly improve the quality and outcomes of the recruitment process. Prospects who have a positive experience with your company are likely to recommend it to others.



Like all parts of a company’s operation, the recruitment process needs to keep up with modern trends. Improving employer branding can help you attract the best candidates. Focusing on soft skills enables you to prepare for the future.

Automation and AI can help you streamline the hiring process and provide a better candidate experience. Talent pools, social recruiting, and candidate relationship management can lead to better outcomes as you seek the most qualified employees for your company. All of this can give your company the edge in hiring and recruiting.

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