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Setting Goals For Success Any Time Of Year

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Everyone across the globe is experiencing a tumultuous time in both their professional and personal lives. There is a lot of conflict regarding politics, science, and personal freedoms. Some things are beyond your control. Be mindful of defeatism. There are so many things that are within the confines of your control and decision-making realm. Setting goals helps you stay in control and pivot when the situation changes.

People, regardless of their socioeconomic status and specific demographics tend to set the proverbial New Year's Resolutions every January 1st. Often, these goals go by the wayside before the end of the month. Shift your mindset and try something new to stick with your aspirations. Look to business leaders like Jozef Opdeweegh for inspirational goal-setting wisdom. Focus on making the following incremental changes regarding your goals.

Review Tasks and Priorities

A beneficial step in keeping yourself on track is to review your day. This process works differently for different people. You may like to look at your day before leaving work (or your at-home workspace). Perhaps you need to step away at the end of the workday to refresh. If so, schedule time to look at your day before bed. Take this opportunity to assess what you have accomplished. Write those items in an online or paper journal to track productivity and the dates that important transactions took place. Next, determine what tasks that were not completed today need to be moved to tomorrow. Then actually move the information digitally or on paper. Now add any new items to the list for the next day. Since you may be home, add a few minutes into this practice to attend to any personal items that need to be taken care of. 

Here is a helpful video on goal setting.

Reassess Goals

Goals do not have to be completed by December 31st of each year. New ones do not require a start just because of the inception of a new year. Review what you have accomplished and what you have set goals to accomplish, assess whether the timeline you are operating on is realistic. Ask yourself if you have been successful. If so, why? If not, ask the same question. If you are not in sync with your intended goals, you may need to determine if they are necessary goals. Are they achievable in their current form? Consider breaking down any goals that seem insurmountable into smaller ones that you can achieve. This will serve you to both accomplish your end goals and keep you positive about your efforts.

Learn New Skills

Part of any goal-setting should always include the learning of new skills. This will serve you well in keeping your knowledge on or above par with your competitors. New skills make you more marketable both as a representative of your business and brand in addition to honing your skillset. Encourage others within your company to advance their skills and education to stay sharp and relevant.


Life and business are often compared to chess. It is important to study the board. Plan, practice, regroup and keep trying. If a goal is not achieved, step back and reassess. Seek out trusted resources to help you along the way. Keep working to achieve your goals and gain success.


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