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How To Study Effectively During Coronavirus

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If you are currently studying, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the world right now. Many universities are offering online only courses, meaning that your face to face learning is perturbed by the COVID-19 crisis which began earlier this year. Studying by yourself is hard; you have nobody to quiz you, it can be very hard to motivate yourself, and the resources available are more limited than usual. So how can you prepare for exams at this crazy time? In this blog you’ll find helpful resources, tips for relaxation and more to make sure you ace your next test with minimal stress. 

Using Every Available Resource

With university libraries limited or totally shut, resources for your studies might be limited to online. With this in mind, it’s time to dig deep. Depending on what you study, you should subscribe to publications that specialise in your subject; if you study English, get into the London Review of Books; if you study medicine, subscribe to at least one medical journal. Use cultural, as well as educational, resources to complete your revision and take your grades up a notch. There are bountiful resources online, if you can find them. 

Learn From Study Experts

If you are struggling with study techniques, there are sites and individuals online who can help you for affordable prices. Sites such as Uworld, who provide study cards and technique help for law students, can give your studies structure and confidence as you navigate studying alone. Similarly, tutors can help you structure your study time to optimise your potential and make your studying efficient and effective. In a less-than-ideal situation like the coronavirus pandemic, sometimes reaching out to experts is the best option. 

Cut Yourself Some Slack

One mistake many students make is stressing themselves out by overworking themselves to make up for lost classes and interactive studying. Try to avoid this by cutting yourself some slack when it comes to studying. Come up with a timetable, and make sure that you take your designated breaks when the time comes around, giving your brain a rest. Overworking your brain will achieve nothing but burnout; avoid this by creating structure and allowing yourself rest. Here are a few simple things to do on your breaks to relax your mind

  • Stretch your muscles with a ten minute yoga practice.
  • Watch an episode of your favourite TV show.
  • Make a cup of tea or coffee and drink it slowly.
  • Call a friend for a catch-up.
  • Go for a walk around your neighbourhood.

Study Smart!

Lastly, it is crucial to study efficiently, not arduously. If you are spending hours on end staring at your notes and nothing is sinking in, it’s time to try a new technique. Try teaching the material to somebody else to help your mind memorise it, creating flashcards and shorthand to study smarter and help your brain absorb information. With these techniques and relaxation tips, you are bound to ace your next test and succeed in your quest for a good education, despite the crazy circumstances of 2020.

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