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How To Navigate The Gig Economy In 2021

Posted on


It’s a pattern repeated throughout the West, to greater or lesser extents depending on the country, that the economies of nations are dealing with a seismic impact from the events of this year. This is something that is likely to continue for a period of time, and the numerous people who have already been made unemployed as a result of the global pandemic are going to face a battle to find employment going forward.

As a consequence of this need, it seems inevitable that more and more people will enter the gig economy, both in the immediate term and going forward. Off-hand, delivery driving and ride-sharing apps may seem to be simple for the user and driver alike - but it is worth digging deeper to see just how we should manage the question of how to navigate the gig economy going forward. If there is a chance that you will find yourself working in this sector, it’s worth informing yourself on all the steps you’ll need to take.

Keep yourself abreast of any changes in laws and regulations that may affect you

Depending on where you are in the world right now, it may or may not be possible to travel in a ride-sharing vehicle unless you are wearing a mask. This isn’t just to protect you, it is also for the protection of anyone else who might be in the vehicle. In some places, it is also incumbent upon people to bring antibacterial handwash - with the potential for use of the service to be restricted if these regulations are not followed. The chance to become a driver for these services is one of the few straightforward ways to find work at the moment - so don’t let ignorance of any changes in regulations be the reason you miss out.

Different services work better for different workers

In the haste to add an income stream during a period when so many of us are financially stretched, a lot of people will just take any opening going, but entering the gig economy is like any other job search. Some employers will be better for you than for others, and the same is true of gig economy services. Take the time to figure out what's the best delivery app to work for when it comes to your schedule and needs. It’s important to maximize the benefits you get and ensure that you’re available at the times that will make your efforts more profitable.

Be aware of the scoring system

Many gig economy jobs rely on the use of an app to advertise your availability and allow users a choice in who they connect with. A star- or points-based scoring system means that people with a choice between three or four drivers can choose the one with the best “score”, so don’t miss an opportunity to maximize your own score. Some app users will respond well to a chatty, friendly driver. Others might want to simply get from A to B (or receive their delivery) with a minimum of fuss, so tailoring your service accordingly can boost your score, and ensure you get more jobs and therefore more payments.

If the economic crunch pushes you towards a gig economy position in the near future, remembering the above points will ensure that you get the most from your efforts.

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