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Day-to-Day: Being Prepared For Your Career Of Choice

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Careers mean a lot to us personally. It's not just about getting a paycheck to keep the lights on at home, it's about doing something you love. When you do something you love, you feel like you belong. The more time you spend doing it and in among the maelstrom of the industry you’re in, the more you will learn the very specifics of that way of life. It's partial to every single industry and sector out there. Every sector has its own standards but every industry has its own way of doing things. Not to mention businesses who themselves will create unique standards and rules to foster their company culture. Your career is about being part of ‘the loop’. People who work in motorsport, have their own specialized equipment and practical dress sense. People who work in banking will be expected to dress a certain way and always have some tools with them to get specific tasks done. The same goes for every job out there. Are you prepared for your career choice?



What a risk analyst lives by

The more you learn about key jobs that are deemed specialists in the world of business and banking, the more you realize they have their own subculture. Even in their own industry and sector, they still have a unique way of life. One such example is risk management. You are going to be working directly with the CEO so you’re expected to dress a certain way. Unlike other employees in marketing or research and development, you are most probably going to be dressing in a suit. You will need tools that you can quickly use to sum up any risk situation. Tools like SpiraPlan make it easier for you to explain risk to someone who isn’t part of the risk department i.e. the CEO. It gives a rating to a plan such as likely, unlikely and rare. Risk analysts will also need to have some kind of risk model tool such as a Monte Carlo simulation. This is something that should be on your smartphone and tablet so you can explain complex risks to your CEO.

Dressing for practicality

Any job that relies on your physical actions will have some kind of uniform or dress standard. If you work in construction, you’re expected to have your own high-visibility jacket and safety boots. Many companies will provide this for you but they’ll take it out of your paycheck. It's far better to have your own so you buy items that will save your life and limbs from harm but they fit you and feel comfortable. The same goes for doctors, nurses and surgeons in the healthcare industry. You need to buy mens scrubs if you’re a male and turn up to work with them in your backpack or in your locker. Choose from 3-pocket v-neck scrubs in different colors as some roles will have a color-code which you need to stick to. 

These are just two examples of what kind of clothes and tools you need to focus on for your own career. A risk analyst will need to keep these tools by their side so they can explain their calculations to someone quickly and easily. A nurse or surgeon will need to bring their own scrubs that fit them and feel comfortable too.

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