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6 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Staff

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There are several ways you can motivate your staff, and as a manager, it’s your responsibility to do this. If your employees feel as though they have exciting prospects in the company, they’ll develop a more positive attitude towards working with you for the future. Also, more engaged employees are more likely to be motivated, improve their performance, and become valuable assets to your business. As an employer, it’s necessary to provide an environment where they can learn and grow as professionals. Here are six ways to motivate your employees.

Optional online courses

Always encourage your staff to carry on learning, whether this is an online course specific to your company or an external degree or Masters. Find out their interests and if they align with a qualification or certificate that would benefit the company as well. There are a variety of courses available, check out the current online mba rankings for example. 

Give them access to these courses and promote them in the workplace. If your business has the resources, you could even sponsor their education. Highly educated employees will be a lot more valuable to your business in the future. 

Industry events

A change of scenery and perspective can go a long way when it comes to motivating your staff. Industry events such as conferences and trade shows are a great way to rekindle their interest in the field. Your employees will be far more inspired to find out about the industry, rather than when they’re stuck in the same office all day. You can find things like trade shows by industry easily online for example. 

Keep them curious

Encourage your employees to ask as many questions as possible. A curious employee is always more motivated. Curiosity is vital to an organization’s performance, according to research. When our curiosity is triggered, we think more deeply and rationally about decisions and come up with more creative solutions. It also helps to cultivate an interest in learning more about how the company functions. This will motivate them as they understand more about the effect their role has on the success of the business.

Prospects and opportunities

It’s important for staff to understand their prospects and opportunities for the future within the company. At the moment remote staff, in particular, can feel disconnected, however. It can be especially hard nowadays to keep remote workers motivated. Without a physical office, it can sometimes be hard to reach out to your staff, and for them to see what’s really happening in the company. It’s crucial to keep the communication going.

Avoid common HR problems by talking to each employee on a regular basis about their career goals and dreams, and try to make these a realistic possibility for them. Assign them projects in the area they want to progress in and don’t stop challenging them. By raising your expectations of them, you’ll be encouraging them to meet these expectations. Make sure they’re fully aware of promotion prospects and other opportunities in the company.

Rewards and recognition

Rewards and recognition are proven ways to motivate your staff. In fact, almost 70% of employees have stated in a recent survey that they would work harder if they felt more like they were being appreciated. You could even implement a new rewards system to motivate them during this difficult period.

If your staff are remote, you might have to think outside the box a little. There’s more you can do apart from award giftcards or vouchers for example. There are plenty of creative ways you can reward staff. There won’t be any office parties any time soon, however. If you want to you could present prizes over Zoom meetings, it depends on the dynamic of your company. 

Team building activities

If you’re looking for new ways to build employee motivation try team building activities. If you can’t find much inspiration for team building activities don’t worry, there are plenty of helpful suggestions online. This might be especially motivating for remote workers who feel they have lost touch with their fellow colleagues. Many people enjoy the social aspect of working in an office and might miss this.

There are several simple ways you can motivate your team. The most important thing is effective communication. Speak to them on an individual basis and ask for feedback. Find out what their goals are and how they would like to progress. Offer your full support and alternative suggestions to regular everyday projects. Always try to keep them on their toes.

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