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Supply Chain Specialist


High Priority

Company Location

Cartersville, GA

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Procurement of Raw Materials and Electrical Commodities:

? Develop and implement strategic sourcing strategies for raw materials and electrical commodities.

? Identify and evaluate potential suppliers, negotiate contracts, and establish strong vendor relationships.

? Monitor market trends, pricing, and supplier performance to ensure cost-effectiveness and quality.

Logistics Management:

? Oversee the end-to-end logistics process for the company's goods, ensuring timely and cost-effective


? Collaborate with transportation providers, customs brokers, and other logistics partners to optimize

shipping routes and reduce lead times.

? Address any logistics issues and implement continuous improvement initiatives to enhance efficiency.

Inventory Management:

? Maintain optimal inventory levels to support production and customer demand while minimizing

carrying costs.

? Implement inventory control measures and utilize technology to track, analyze, and forecast inventory


? Work closely with cross-functional teams to maintain alignment between procurement, production, and


Risk Management:

? Identify potential risks in the supply chain and develop mitigation strategies.

? Stay informed about industry regulations, compliance requirements, and geopolitical factors affecting

the supply chain.

Collaboration and Communication:

? Collaborate with internal departments, including production, sales, and finance, to understand their

requirements and align supply chain activities.

? Communicate effectively with suppliers, logistics partners, and internal stakeholders to resolve issues

and optimize processes.


? Bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, or a related field.

? Experience 3-5 years as a Supply Chain Specialist, with a focus on raw materials and electrical

commodities procurement.

? Strong knowledge of supply chain processes, logistics, and inventory management.

? Excellent negotiation and relationship-building skills.

? Familiarity with relevant software and tools for supply chain management.

? Analytical mindset with the ability to make data-driven decisions.

? Strong communication and interpersonal skills.