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Sr Purchasing Manager - Electrical Industry Experience


Industrial Manufacturing

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As a Senior Procurement Manager, you will be responsible for managing Electrical spends include Materials and Commodities, Equipment, Devices, and Consumables. This role will manage a small team of Buyers. This role will require 30-50% travel to job sites. The core objectives of this role are:

·        Functioning as a key liaison between the Procurement team and internal stakeholders including Executive Team, Engineering, Sales, and Manufacturing.

·        Working closely with the core Program/Project teams to manage high visibility and high value programs, applying program/project management skills to assure the timely and efficient execution of portfolio of projects.


1.      Procurement planning during the bidding phase.

a.      Understanding the contract specifications and estimated bills of material (B0 = budget zero)

b.      Outline the initial Procurement Plan to include equipment, devices, subcontractors, and other procurements (example attached),

c.      For each vendor package on the Procurement Plan, develop a comprehensive RFP or RFQ identifying all components of best value and the total cost of acquisition.

d.      Sourcing, identifying, and prequalifying 2-3 viable vendors for each vendor procurement package.

e.      Prequalify vendors to include evaluating scope, capacity, capabilities, capital, supply chain, acceptance of MCD subcontract clauses, terms, conditions, and attachments.

f.       Track, analyze, and compare quotes. Ad to Quotes Matrix supported by the analysis for each vendor.

g.      Working with project and engineering team to confirm completeness of scope of service and supply.

h.      Negotiating and finalizing agreements.

i.        Finalize pre-award Procurement Plan with reconcilement to the estimate.

2. Post-award procurement planning and implementation on major projects and programs,

a.      Transition the bid phase Procurement Plan with documents and knowledge to the project team in a formal hand-off that validate it reconciles the estimate.

b.      Maintaining the Procurement Plan. The company goal is to place 80% of the orders before the project is 20% complete.

c.      Monitoring all deliveries until inspected and received.

d.      Close out Procurement Plan including any open commitments.

e.      Track and report on discrepancies and implemented corrective actions.

f.       Capture and communicate market intelligence across projects and programs.

3.      Understanding, evaluating, and incorporating current market conditions into procurement plans, including but not limited to:

a.      Pricing trends

b.      Lead- times and logistical requirements

c.      Best value opportunities

d.      Alternative and substitute products opportunities and potential material and labor savings using new or alternative products.

e.      Evolving contract compliance requirements

f.       Reading, understanding, and interpreting contract documents, drawings, specifications, scopes of work and project schedules. Traveling to project sites, manufacturers, and vendor as needed. Locate to project teams as needed during the planning phase or to resolve project issues.

4.      Long-term Agreements

a.      Research opportunities to consolidate and streamline product categories.

b.      Prioritize the opportunities with SBU leaders.

c.      Develop long-term deals that provide the best value, lowest total cost of acquisition.

Required Qualifications:

·        Demonstrated leadership and people skills.

·        Bachelor's degree plus a minimum of 8 -15 years of related experience or an equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience.

·        Relevant purchasing experience sourcing, negotiating contracts with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), construction /specialty trade subcontractors and fabricators.

·        Proven written and verbal communication abilities.

·        Proficiency with computer applications, including Microsoft Office Suite and SharePoint and Microsoft Excel.

·        Familiarity with business, finance and account principles.