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Senior Produce Buyer


High Priority

Company Location

Philadelphia, PA

Work Location


Position Summary:

This position will be accountable for the full scope of buying responsibilities for a series of commodities. Those responsibilities include customer fill rates, product quality measures, pricing controls, inventory management, vendor relationship management, and achieving product margin targets. 


• Manage and optimize 3rd party contracts to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

• Cultivate and maintain relationships with growers and brokers, both existing and new.

• Conduct thorough analysis of weather conditions, market trends, and forecasting, reporting findings to relevant stakeholders.

• Stay abreast of market conditions to inform purchasing decisions.

• Ensure accurate and timely reporting.

• Update pricing details and assist with quoting processes.

• Manage specialty pre-orders and ensure order fulfillment.

• Continuously seek out and assess new vendor/supplier/grower prospects.

• Investigate inquiries regarding unusual or specialty items.

• Facilitate order follow-ups and gather information for newsletters and updates.

• Assist in resolving billing discrepancies and communicate price and product updates.

• Lead and contribute to special projects as needed.

• Personally inspect the quality and quantity of purchased products.

• Analyze sales records, trends, and economic factors to anticipate consumer behavior and determine inventory requirements.

• Provide expertise on factors such as growing seasons, pricing, and inventory management.

• Adjust selling prices based on cost, competition, and demand, in collaboration with sales staff.

• Select and purchase products at optimal prices while maintaining quality standards.

• Manage perishable inventory through daily review and replenishment processes.

• Negotiate contract pricing and structured FOBs weekly to ensure value, quality, and food safety.

• Maintain and organize contract and food safety documentation.

• Foster and develop relationships with suppliers.

• Oversee the tactical management of produce procurement and inbound transportation supply   chains.


• College degree or requisite industry experience required. 

• 3rd Party Contract experience is a plus. 

• FOB experience is a plus. 

• Possess think-outside-the-box capabilities; be a superior communicator and have strong analytical skills. 

• 4+ years produce experience, strong product knowledge and identification skills. 

• Strong negotiating skills. 

• Excellent verbal and written communications skills. 

• Technically savvy, able to work with and optimize multiple software packages such as Microsoft Office and Produce Pro (including ForecastPro). 

• Proficient in advanced analytical skills and ability to forecast based on wide variety of complex and changing variables. 

• Specific skills using Microsoft Excel, such as PivotTables, to analyze large volumes of data. 

• Self-motivated and solution minded. 

• Organized, detail oriented, able to multitask.